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Miscellaneous Albums, XXXVII

Inclusive dates: c. 1880s – 1933

Box 1

Date: c. 1885-1890

Scope Notes: This album contains 35 images, primarily cabinet cards. There is no identification of the individuals. One photograph depicts a Muscatine school house.

Box 2

Date: c. 1880s

Scope Notes: This collection consists of 58 cabinet cards, primarily portraits of unidentified individuals. The accession number for this album is 1962-38. Donor, Rex Kleinhen. 

Box 3

Album 1

Date: c. 1890

Scope Notes: This album contains 169 sepia tone albumen prints. Subjects include Davenport scenes and unidentified travel scenes. No provenance information is available on this album.

Album 2

Date: c. 1933

Scope Notes: This album consists of 54 black & white photographs (snap shots) of activities and attractions at the Century of Progress Exposition which was held in Chicago, Illinois. There is no provenance information with this album.

Album 3

Date: c. 1880s

Scope Notes: This album contains 48 tintypes, primarily portraits, of unidentified people. One portrait is identified as Robert Schirich. There is no provenance information with this album. 

Box 4

Album 1

Date: 1887-1893

Scope Notes: This album contains 51 photographs (3 of them cyanotypes). The groups, portraits, and scenes are all unidentified. Many are obviously Davenport scenes including Trinity Cathedral and one of Griswold College.

Album 2

Date: c. 1880s

Scope Notes: This album contains 52 unidentified portraits – 28 cabinet cards and 24 cartes-de-visite. The Davenport photograph studios of Huebinger Bros. and W.P. Egbert are represented in the album.


Movie Stills Collection 1980-89

Inclusive dates: ca. 1925-1935

Scope Notes: This collection of 32 8×10 black and white photographs includes “movie stills” from the studios of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; First National; United Artist Corp.; and Paramount Pictures. Actors and actresses such as Joan Crawford, Constance Bennett, Greta Garbo, Norma Shearer, Ronald Coleman, and Velma Banky are included in this collection. The prints are of poor quality. Paper is cracking and the emulsion is powdering.

Folder 1 Inventory, copy negatives

Folder 2 Photographs #1-17

Folder 3 Photographs #18-32


Garden Images

Accession Number: No accession number associated with this collection

Scope Notes: This collection includes images of gardens, gardeners, landscaping projects, plants, parks, residences and floral businesses. The images and information might have been used by Tri-City Gardens for a presentation or publication (?).


1. Bechtel Residence and Planting Plans

2. Commercial Club

3. Davis Gardens

4. Detlef Kahl

5. Gordon Van Tine Co.

6. Hauberg

7. Jens Jensen

8. Leonidis W. Ramsey

9. Marcus Curtis Smith

10. Mast Nursery

11. McClellan Addition

12. Parks

13. Residences

14. Rock Island Arsenal

15. Rock Island Lines

16. Rotary Club

17. Stapp Greenhouse

18. Tri-City Florist’s Club

19. Tri-City Garden Club

20. Witaker Home

References & Cross References

Business & Industry – Nurseries

Houses & Households – Gardens

Military & War – Rock Island Arsenal

Nature – Flowers & Plants

Organizations & Clubs – Rotary

Parks & Park Recreation – Vander Veer

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