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Thorington Collection 1950-33

Inclusive Dates: ca. 1884-1930

Scope Notes

This collection consists of 92 images of the Thorington Family and friends. This early Davenport family gave the city two mayors. The work of many area photographers is represented including: W.P. Egbert, Gayford, and Cook.

Folder 1

Inventory, negatives

Folder 2

John Henry Thorington (2 photos)

James Strong Thorington (6 photos, 2 negatives)

Mary Ann Parker (2 photos)

Mary “Dolly” Thorington Pratt (1 photo)

Anna Parker Thorington Wadsworth (1 photo)

Monroe Parker Thorington (4 photos)

Folder 3

James Thorington (3 photos)

Florence Jennings Thorington (3 photos)

J. Monroe Thorington (2 photos)

William L. Thorington (1 photo)

Robert Thorington (1 photo)

Joseph A. Kerrigan (1 photo)

Folder 4

Cemeteries and Headstones (1 photo)

Group portraits (3 photos)

Thorington Home (2 photos)

Album 1

Cover M.P. Thorington (1875)

p. 1   Charles C. Law (“yours truly, 1875”; W.P. Egbert, Photo 312 Brady St., Davenport; cabinet card)

p. 3   Margaret and Anna Thorington (age 9 and 9; carte de visite)

        Rev. Geo B. Pratt (carte de visite)

Mary Thorington Pratt (age 27, 1843; Gayford, Rock Island; carte de visite)

Anna Thorington [Wadsworth] (carte de visite)

p. 4   Anna Thorington Wadsworth (carte de visite)

        Jesse Thorington [Woodmansee] (1856-1927; carte de visite)

        Monroe Parker Thorington (1853-78; carte de visite)

        Sarah Thorington Bolton (1843-?; carte de visite)

p. 5   Sarah Thorington Bolton (carte de visite)

        Sarah Thorington Bolton (carte de visite)

        Jonathan Parker [1786-1875] (carte de visite)

        Naomi Titus Parker (carte de visite)

p. 6   Rev. Frank B. Nash (carte de visite)

        Ella Thorington Bolton (carte de visite)

        Margret Thorington [Preston] (carte de visite)

p. 7   Monroe Parker Thorington (carte de visite)

        James Strong Thorington (carte de visite)

        Jas. H. Bolton (Gayford, Rock Island; carte de visite)

        Fred Parker (carte de visite)

p. 8   Naomi Thorington [mother of Wilella] (Gaylord [Gayford?], Rock Island; carte de visite)

        Anna, Margaret, Naomi [daughters of Naomi] (carte de visite)

        Naomi Thorington [mother of Naomi, Mary, and Wilella] (carte de visite)

        Unidentified photograph of a man’s back (photo: Cook’s Gems, Davenport; tin type)

p. 9   [?] Thorington [godson of the class of 1877, U.S. Military Academy] (cabinet card)

p. 12 Unidentified woman [Mary O’Bradley?] (photo: M.F. Zuller, Richfield Springs; cabinet card)

p. 13 Monroe Thorington (carte de visite)

        Unidentified male (Tharomy’s, N.Y. carte de visite)

        Isabel Waalace [Wallace?] [March 1877] (Baldwin’s, Chicago; carte de visite)

p. 14 Unidentified woman [Mary Bradley?] (Parlow, New Bedford, Mass; carte de visite)

p. 17 Mrs. Scott Siddows (carte de visite)

Unidentified woman (Hewell, carte de visite) Florence (Baily and North, Jefferson City, Mo; carte de visite)

Haley (Baily and North, Jefferson City, Mo; carte de visite)

p. 18 Judge James Thorington [father of James Thorington, Jr. 1816-87, grandfather of Roy and Wainright Thorington] (R.H. Dewy, Pittsfield, Mass; carte de visite)

        Judge James Thorington [father of James Thorington, Jr. 1816-87] (Dewy, carte de visite)

p. 19 Unidentified woman [Mrs. G.C. Thompson] (Photo Ottawa, Il; cabinet card)

p. 20 Unidentified woman (Wheeler and Billows, phot. Ottawa, Il; cabinet card)

p. 21 Unidentified child (Entrekin Kuebler photo, Phila; cabinet card)

p. 22 [cousin] Mary Bradley O’Beirne [1843-96, daughter of Margaret Thorington and John W. Bradley], (C.W. Pack, N.Y.; cabinet card)

p. 23 John Thorington [1810-71?] (Day, photo, Memphis; carte de visite)

        Unidentified woman [Mary Bradley?] (tintype)

        Hamilton Rowan Thorington [1840-64] (2 photos; Mansfield City Gallery, St. Louis; carte de visite)

p. 24 Henry J. Golman [class of ‘77] (Pach, N.Y; carte de visite)

        Unidentified male (Pach, N.Y.; carte de visite)

        Wm T. Hurd (?) [Danville, Il, West Point, Sept. 1873 (photo: Hayes [or T Hayes? Typo on original inventory], carte de visite)

        George White (photo: Pach; carte de visite)

p. 25 E.S. Glenn (’77 photo: Andrews, Greendboro [Greenboro?], N.Y.; carte de visite)

        Unidentified male (photo: Pach; carte de visite)

        Walter O. Clark (Taylor and Preston, Salem, Mass; carte de visite)

        Thomas H. Barry (Pach, N.Y.; carte de visite)

p. 28 Unidentified male; S.R. Revenaugh photo, Ann Arbor; carte de visite)

p. 29 Unidentified male (photo: Bogardin, Broadway, N.Y.; cabinet card)

p. 30 Unidentified male (photo: Pach; cabinet card)

p. 31 Dr. James Thorington and three of his sisters [photograph made in New York] (tintype)

p.32  Unidentified male (Monferd and Hill, Burlington, Ia; cabinet card)

p. 36 Henry Ward Beecher (carte de visite)

p. 39 Unidentified woman [Mary Thorington?] (Olmstead photo, Davenport; cabinet card)

p. 40 Lillie Roades [friend?] (Monford & Hill; cabinet card)

p. 41 Mollie Garrett (friend?; cabinet card)

p. 42 Unidentified woman (Photo: Pach photo; cabinet card)

p. 48 Unidentified woman (Photo: Bogardes, N.Y.; cabinet card)



Traekenschuh Collection 1989-10
Inclusive Dates: 1923

Scope Notes

This collection consists of 95 black & white photographs taken during a trip across the American west. The photos were taken by Miss Amelia Traekenschuh, a Rock Island teacher.



Tri-City Railway Collection, XXXII

Inclusive Dates: Sept. 27, 1913 – Dec. 5, 1917

Scope Notes

This collection of 25 black & white photographs, taken by J.R. Hostetler, documents the construction of and addition to the Tri-City Railway Co. car barn in Rock Island, Illinois.



Tuesday Club MSS 1991-212

Inclusive dates: 1892-1992

Scope Notes

This collection contains archival materials from at least three accessions including 1991-212 and 1992-45 (additional materials could not be traced, but existed in the Putnam collections prior to 1990). Included in the collection are minute books, several annual programs, a scrapbook, and additional miscellaneous archival materials.

Box 1

Folder 1

Inventory, notes, photograph (1992.45.1a.1)

Folder 2

38 Tuesday Club program booklets (from accession 1991-212) including 1903-04, 1905-06, 1907-08, 1920-21, 1921-22, 1925-26, 1927-28, 1933-34, 1934-35, 1935-36, 1936-37, 1937-38, 1938-39, 1940-41, 1941-42, 1942-43, 1944-45, 1945-46, 1946-47, 1947-48, 1948-49, 1951-52, 1953-54, 1954-55, 1955-56, 1956-57, 1961-62, 1967-68, 1971-72, 1973-74, 1974-75, 1976-77, 1977-78, 1979-80, 1985-86, 1988-89, 1989-90, 1991-92.

Folder 3

Archival materials from accession 1992-45 including “Christmas Wishes” (1927), envelope and postcard to the Tuesday Club from Margaret Thorington Preston (1932), “Tuesday Club President’s Box” folder, invitations (2) and place card from the Centennial Celebration Luncheon of the Tuesday Club (1992), “Excerpts from a Century of Minutes of the Tuesday Club, 1892-1992,” “Tuesday Club Papers, 1892-1992,” Tuesday Club Constitutions (1969 & 1982), and some misc. papers

Folder 4

Misc. programs and archival materials c. 1892-1929 (accession number?)

Minute Books

March 1892 – June 1896 (accession number?)

October 1896 – May 1905 (accession number?)

October 1905 – 1918 (accession number?)

Box 2

Minute Books

October 1918 – 1932 (1991-212)

1932-1942 (1991-212)

1942-1958 (1991-212)

1958-1973 (1991-212)

1973-1987 (1991-212)

On Shelf

Scrapbook mostly consisting of news clippings about Tuesday Club members, including Mrs. Henry G. Goldschmidt, Mary Kay Phelan, and Margaret Jean Nobis (Margherita Roberti Nobis). Also included are 2 photographs (both probably from newspaper) with portraits of Mrs. Henry G. Goldschmidt, Mrs. John H. True, Elizabeth Martin, Mrs. Leo J. Miltner, and Mary Kay Phelan.

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