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O’Meara Collection 1970-105

Inclusive dates: c. 1877-1938

Scope Notes

This collection of 240 photographs has been separated from the O’Meara MSS 1970-105. 147 of the photographs document various models of machinery produced by the Voss Bros. Mfg. Co., Davenport (almost exclusively washing machines) and also include a few interior views of the Voss Bros. Mfg. Co. factory. Most of the photographs are mounted in one of seven albums and several are duplicate prints. Also included is a small painted portrait of William H. Voss painted in 1927 to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the first Voss washing machine made in 1877.

The other 93 photographs were contained in a red plush velvet photo album (Album 8) originally assigned the catalog number of MU 3708. Of these images, 92 are unidentified portraits apparently of members of the Claire Louise (Voss) O’Meara family and 1 portrait (half-tone print) is identified as C. Friedrichsen. The album contains many examples of the work of many Davenport photography studios. Also included are 11 greeting cards.

See also O’Meara MSS 1970-105, Voss Bros. Mfg. Co. Collection 1963-14, and Voss Bros. Mfg. Co. MSS 1963-14.

Box 1

Folder 1

Inventory, non-bound images

Folder 2

Album 1

“Voss Washers/Ironers” booklet with 9 – 8 x 10″ photos (c. 1938)

Album 2

8 mounted 3.25 x 5.5″ photos of Voss washing machines & Voss Bros. Mfg. Co. factory (c. 1900-1910)

Album 3

29 mounted 4.75 x 7″ photos of Voss products (mostly washing machines, c. 1900-1910)

Album 4

17 mounted 4.75 x 7″ photos of Voss washing machines (c. 1900-1910)

Album 5

21 mounted 4.75 x 7″ photos of Voss products (mostly washing machines, c. 1900-1910)

Album 6

32 mounted 4.75 x 7″ photos of Voss products (mostly washing machines, c. 1900-1910)

Album 7

30 mounted 7.5 x 9.5″ photos of Voss products and a few interior views of factory (see itemized list) (c. 1920s)

Box 2

Folder 1

Loose photos, greeting cards, etc. from Album 8

Album 8

Unidentified photographs, probably from the family of Claire Louise (Voss) O’Meara


Voss, William H. (1)

Subject Headings Represented

BUSINESS & INDUSTRY–FARM IMPLEMENTS (Album 1: 23; Album 5: 20, 21; Album 6: 11, 12)




Olson Collection 2003-8

Date: c. 1918, 1945-1954

Scope Notes

This collection consists of 2 books and 9 photograph related to the service and work of Edwin Olson. Olson served in the Navy in World War I and then worked at the Rock Island Arsenal. Donation also includes his uniform and a US flag.

Image Description

2003.8.3        U. S. Navy Cook-Book, 1908

2003.8.4           The Soldiers’ French Phase Book

2003.8.5           Portrait of Edwin Olson in Navy uniform, c. 1918

2003.8.6           Portrait of Edwin Olson in Navy uniform, c. 1918, inscribed “To Maude from Edwin”

2003.8.7           Portrait of Edwin Olson in Navy uniform, c. 1918

2003.8.8           Rolled panoramic of three Navy ships, c. 1918

2003.8.9           [Testing] of 8-inch Howitzer at Rock Island Arsenal, March 20, 1931

2003.8.10        Presentation of farewell gift to Martin J. Anderson, December 19, 1954

2003.8.11        Presentation of farewell gift to Martin J. Anderson, December 19, 1954

2003.8.12        Interior view of office at Arsenal

2003.8.13        Interior view of office at Arsenal, same room opposite end

Subject Cross Reference

Boats & Boating—Warfare (8)

Business & Industry—Employees (12, 13)

Military & War—Rock Island Arsenal (9, 10, 11, 12, 13)

Military & War—World War I—Portraits, Group (8)

Military & War—World War I—Portraits, Individuals (5-7)

Social Life & Customs—Old Age & retirement (10, 11)

Tools & Weapons—Weapons (9)

Portrait—Olson, Edwin (5-7)



On the Air with TV6: 50 Years of Broadcasting

This collection consists of images borrowed from KWQC-TV6 for use in the exhibit “On the Air with TV6”. Most images date from the late 1970s and 1980 – filling in a gap in the collection donated by the station (1997-8). Note: KWQC-TV6 retains copyright. Contact station for permission to reproduce images.


Communications — Television

Holidays & Celebrations — Christmas

Holidays & Celebrations — Misc.

Organizations & Clubs — Misc. (Optimist)

Portrait — Book, John

Portrait — Byrn, Allan

Portrait — Collins, John

Portrait — D’Ambrosia, Eugenia

Portrait — Johnson, Don

Portrait — Mims, Ernie

Portrait — Popovich, John

Portrait — Rhyne, Don

Portrait — Sands, Paula Gillette

Portrait — Scott, Willard

Portrait — Wagner, Ken 



Sister Luz Maria Orozco Collection 2002-19

Date 1990-1996

Scope Notes

This collection consists of 6 color photographs. They provide photographic documentation for ethnographic costumes from native people of Chiapas, Mexico, which were also part of this accession.

Folder also contains non-accessioned newspaper article about the Indians of Mexico, 1994

Image Description

2002.19.11        “Pope John Paul II visit to Chiapas 1990”

2002.19.12        Couple with woman holding baby wearing ceremonial dress, 1993

2002.19.13        couple in native dress, Tatzil Indians, 1993

2002.19.14        couple in native dress, Tatzil Indians?, wearing masks “Ramona y el Sub” on photo matting

2002.19.15        “Tatzil members of Council Leaders” 1996, two people wearing masks

2002.19.16        “Members of Zapatirta Groups – 1995 (center) sub-comandante Marca [?] and Ramona (only woman) Chiapas, Mexico”

Subject Cross Reference

Churches & Religion—Catholic–Clergy & Congregations


Social Life & Customs—Clothing—1960-1999

Social Life & Customs—Misc.



Orpheum Theatre Collection, XXIV

Inclusive dates: c. 1940-1960

Scope Notes

This collection includes 20 images relating to the Orpheum Theatre, Davenport, Iowa. Promotional material for movies, theatre, and musical acts are included as well as portraits of entertainers such as Jack Carson, Webb Pierce, Kitty Wells, Faron Young, Brenda Lee, “Stringham,” and “Little Jimmy Dickens.” Interior and exterior views of the Orpheum are included.



Ostrand Collection 1997-108

Dates: 1908-1909

Scope Notes

This collection contains 24 stereopticon cards which were used by the donor’s family. 1997.108.1 is the stereo view used to view them. This set of cards was published by N. A. Forsyth, 120 N. Montana Street, Butte, Montana. Subjects consist of Native Americans and rounding up buffalo. Dates in description are copyright dates.

Image Description

1997.108.2           Chief Louison, caption “Nearing the End of a Noble Life, Chief Louison”, 1908 

1997.108.3           Chief, caption “A Very Fine Costume”

1997.108.4           3 Native Americans, caption “A Beautiful Buckskin Dress”

1997.108.5           Bringing in buffalo, caption “Bringing in a Bunch to Load”, 1909

1997.108.6           Kai-Kai-She, caption “Kai-Kai-She, Grand Old Man of the Flatheads”, 1909

1997.108.7           Woman and child in tipi, caption “In the Shade of the Old Tepee”

1997.108.8           Caption “Wild Horses Swimming with Buffaloes”, 1909

1997.108.9           Struggling buffalo, caption “Making a Last and Fierce Struggle for Freedom”; buffalo trying to escape from railroad car

1997.108.10           Buffalo swimming in Montana, caption “After the Swim, Herd of Wild Buffaloes, Mont.”, 1908

1997.108.11           2 men struggling with a buffalo to run him up chute onto railroad car, caption “Protesting with All His Mighty Strength”

1997.108.12           Caption “Chief Moise and His Family” 1907

1997.108.13           Caption “Chief Charlot and family, Flathead Reserve.” 1908

1997.108.14           Cowboy wrangling a buffalo, caption “She Nearly Got Him That Time”

1997.108.15           Horses and buffalo, caption “Danger Ahead for the Horses”, 1909

1997.108.16           Horses and buffalo chasing each other, caption “Center Horse Gets Chased by Mad Bull, 1909

1997.108.17           Caption “A Nez Perce Indian on His War Horse, 1909

1997.108.18           Caption “The Snake Dance, Flathead Reservation, Mont.”

1997.108.19.           Pinned buffalo, caption “Please Let Me Out, I Want to Go Back”

1997.108.20           Buffalo, caption “Worth Three and Four Thousand Dollars A Head”

1997.108.21           2 Indian mothers and their children, caption “Indian Mothers and Their Babes”

1997.108.22           Loading buffalo on train car, caption “Good-bye, Uncle Sam, I am a Subject of the King”

1997.108.23           caption “The Squaw Dance, Arlee, Montana, July 4th

1997.108.24           Native American girls on ponies, caption “Pretty Little Indian Girls on their Gentle Ponies”

1997.108.25           Caption “Buffalo Refuses to be unloaded” from wagon

Subject Cross Reference

Indians—Portraits (2, 3, 4, 6, 12, 13, 17, 21

Indians—Religion (18, 23)

Indians—Tribes—Misc. (6, 13)

Indians—Villages & Houses (2, 4, 6, 7, 13)

Nature—Animals (5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, 19, 20, 22, 25)

Railroads—Cars—Exterior (9, 11, 22)

Railroads—Misc. (22)

Rivers & Creeks—Misc. (8, 10)

Transportation—Horseback ((17, 24)

Transportation—Wagons & Buggies (5, 15, 16, 25)

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