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Vernona Jepsen Collection 1996-103

Dates: 1948, 1955-56 

Scope Notes

This collection consists of 5 black and white photographs and 1 brochure. The images were taken in the Putnam Estate Office, 8th Floor of the Putnam Building at 215 Main Street, in Davenport in December 1947 or January 1948 (see calendar on wall of photographs) 

Image Description

1996.103.1        Mrs. Edward (Hilma) Putnam in Putnam Estate Office, 1948

1996.103.2        Mr. Tracy and Wilma Volkmann in Putnam Estate Office, 1948

1996.103.3        Wilma Volkmann and Walter Whittlesey in Putnam Estate Office, 1948

1996.103.4        Walter Whittlesey and Wilma Volkmann in Putnam Estate Office, 1948

1996.103.5        Wilma Volkmann and Herbert Endly in Putnam Estate Office, 1948

1996.103.6        Brochure for Davenport Public Museum Lecture Series, 1955-1956 [travelogues]

Subject Cross Reference 

Business & Industry—Office Interiors

Business & Industry—Real Estate

Historic Sites & Museums—Davenport Public Museum

Portrait—endly, Herbert

Portrait—Putnam, Mrs. Edward (Hilma)

Portrait—Tracy, Mr.

Portrait—Volkmann, Wilma

Portrait—Whittlesey, Walter



John Brown Collection L

Inclusive dates: c. 1858-1859

Scope Notes

The collection includes two scrapbooks containing 27 photographs and 3 additional loose photographs pertaining to John Brown and his friends during Brown’s time near Springdale, Iowa, in 1858-1859. The two scrapbooks also contain a good deal of written and printed information about Brown and his followers.

Folder 1

Inventory, copy negs

Folder 2

Loose prints (3)

Scrapbook 1

Deals primarily with Springdale, Iowa, resident William Maxson and his relationship with John Brown. The scrapbook was apparently compiled by Ruth Irish Preston and donated to the Davenport Academy of Sciences (now the Putnam Museum) by her in 1915.

Inventory of photographs in Scrapbook Album 1

William Maxson [portrait] (p2)

John Brown [portrait] (p5)

Mr. & Mrs. William Maxson [portrait] (p10)

“Home of John Brown and his men during the winter of 58 & 59 near Springdale Iowa” [William Maxson home] (p11)

William Maxson [2 portraits] (p12)

Mrs. William Maxson [portrait] (p12)

13 photos taken by Miss Ella E. Preston of Davenport in 1915 including:

“John Brown’s old home at Springdale” [on William Maxson farm] (p51, #1)

“South Front Door – Old Gravel House” (p51, #2)

Stairway in house (p51, #3)

“H.K. Maxson son of Wm Maxson at south front door – Gravel House” (p51, #4)

Mantle shelf over fireplace in house (p51, #5)

“The yard and new house on Wm Maxson farm” (p53, #1)

“The yard just west of Gravel House” (p53, #2)

Mr. H.K. Maxson in front of his brother’s home in Springdale, Iowa (p53, #3)

“The Schoolhouse” (p53, #4)

“John H. Painter farm” (p53, #5)

“‘Travellers’ Rest,’ West Branch, Iowa” (p55, #1)

Joseph Albin [portrait] (p55, #2)

Stagecoach at the 1910 reunion of “John Brown’s Friends” (p55, #3)

The John Brown cannon (p65)

The John Brown carriage (p69)

Scrapbook 2

Deals primarily with Springdale, Iowa, residents Edwin and Barclay Coppock and their relationship with John Brown. Both men were with Brown during his raid on Harper’s Ferry. Edwin was captured with Brown and hanged; his brother escaped. The scrapbook was compiled by Civil War veteran W.W. Hathaway and Ruth Irish Preston arranged the donation of the volume to the Davenport Academy of Sciences in 1915.

Inventory of photographs in Scrapbook Album 2

Edwin Coppock [portrait] (p17)

Edwin Coppock’s temporary coffin (p19)

Edwin Coppock’s gravestone [hand-colored] (p22)

Certificate nominating Edwin Coppock as a lieutenant in John Brown’s army p25)

Barclay Coppock [portrait] (p27)

Subject Headings Represented








Portraits Represented

Albin, Joseph (Album 1, p55, #2)

Brown, John (Album 1, p5)

Coppock, Barclay (Album 2, p27)

Coppock, Edwin (Album 2, p17)

Maxson, H.K. (Album 1, p51, #4 and p53, #3)

Maxson, William (Album 1, pp 2, 10, 12)

Maxson, Mrs. William (Album 1, pp 10, 12)



Junior Theatre Collection, XV

Inclusive dates: 1964-1982

Scope Notes

The collection consists of 11 black & white and color photographs which document productions of the Davenport children’s theatre troop “Junior Theatre.”

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