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Hall/Whitaker Collection, 1948-3

Inclusive dates: ca. 1860-1900

Scope Notes: This collection of 84 photographs, primarily portraits, was collected by the associated Davenport families of Hall and Whitaker. The collection is housed in one document box.

Folder 1 Inventory, negatives

Folder 2 Misc. subjects (2 photos)

Folder 3

Portraits (16 photos) unidentified and identified including: Mrs. Israel Hall (2), George Hall (3), Brig. Gen. T.W. Sweeney (4), Byron Whitaker (5), Lottie Hall Whitaker (6)

Folder 4 Tin type portraits (14 photos) unidentified except Lydia Hall Clark (1)

Album 1 27 photos listed on p. 2 [see below] of Hall/Whitaker Inventory

Album 2 25 photos listed on p. 3 [see below] of Hall/Whitaker Inventory

Album 1

p. 3  unidentified wedding (tintype)

p. 4 unidentified man

p. 6 unidentified Civil War Soldier, Quincy, Ill.

p. 7 unidentified woman, New York

p. 10  unidentified Civil War soldier, Pulaski, Tenn.

p. 11 unidentified Civil War soldier, Corinth, Miss.

p. 17 unidentified Civil War soldier

p. 18 unidentified old man

p. 19 unidentified old woman

p. 20 unidentified man

p. 21 2 young women (tintype)

p. 22 Gen. S.M.? Dodge, Corinth, Miss.

p. 23 unidentified Civil War soldier

p. 24 unidentified old woman

p. 25 unidentified old woman

p. 26 unidentified young couple

p. 27 J.H. Conant? (1st Lt. Co. H) Civil War Soldier

p. 29 Capt. Slaymaker?

p. 32 unidentified woman

p. 33 unidentified girl

p. 34 unidentified girl

p. 35 unidentified girl

p. 36 unidentified man

p. 37 unidentified man

p. 38 unidentified baby

p. 39  unidentified girl

p. 40  Vol? P.T. Wimbly? (2nd Iowa Vol. Infantry)

Album 2

Photo 1 C.H. Baldwin

Photo 2 Mrs. B.N. Whitaker (Oct 1887)

Photo 6 unidentified woman

Photo 10 unidentified man

Photo 11 unidentified man

Photo 12 unidentified woman

Photo 21 Orville S. Hall

Photo 22 unidentified woman

Photo 24 unidentified man

Photo 31 unidentified man

Photo 32 Lottie Hall

Photo 34 photo of drawing “Wild Flowers”

Photo 35 unidentified woman

Photo 37 unidentified man

Photo 38 unidentified woman

Photo 41 unidentified man

Photo 44 unidentified man

Photo 49 unidentified man

Photo 50 unidentified woman

Photo 51 unidentified boy

Photo 52  unidentified man

Photo 55 unidentified woman

Photo 56 unidentified woman “To Mine Spalding”

Photo 61 unidentified girl

Photo 62 unidentified woman

Photo 76 Judd and Sarah Cone (1901)

[Photos not listed are actually blank spaces in the album]


Hamann Collection, XII

Inclusive dates: 1885-1941

Scope Notes: 

The collection consists of 20 photographs of A.W. and Clara Hamann, their Davenport home and the Davenport home of the Koenig Family.

Folder 1

Houses, group photos, and a nature scene. (20) Inventory

Folder 2

Portraits: Hamann, A.W. (7)

Hamann, Clara (3)


Hansen Collection, 1987-64

Inclusive dates: ca. 1920-1945

Scope Notes: This collection consists of 153 positive photographic images. These images primarily illustrate scenes concerning aviation at Cram Airfield in Davenport, Iowa.

Folder 1 Inventory, photographs (26 photos)

Album 1 Photo album (127 photos)


Hanssen’s Hardware Collection, XIII

Inclusive dates: c. 1910-1935

Scope Notes: The collection consists of 7 copy prints illustrating Hanssen’s Hardware employees, shop interiors and exteriors. The images are of professional quality, predominately the work of Fromader Photography. Ownership of the original photographs is not documented


Hargadon Collection 1998-11

Date(s): 1882, 1915 (reproductions made 1996 and 1997)

Scope Notes: This collection consists 35 mm negatives and reproduction prints of photographs of the Ficke family members, including Mrs. C. A. Ficke and Alice Ficke Simonson in their wedding dresses, Alice Simonson as [sister?] Helene’s Maid of Honor, and John Simonson.

These reproductions were made in 196 or 1997 by the donor, Jean Hargadon, for use in the wedding exhibit “Something Old, Something New”, in 1997.

Mrs. Ficke and Alice’s wedding dresses are in the Museum’s collection, MT 116 and MT 2890 respectively

Image Description

1998.11.1 wedding portrait of Mrs. C. A. Ficke, 1882 (laser print)

1998.11.2-4 wedding portrait of Mrs. C. A. Ficke, 1882 (black and white reprint)

1998.11.5-6 wedding portrait of Mrs. C. A. Ficke, 1882 (color reprint)

1998.11.7-8 wedding portrait of Mrs. Alice Ficke Simonson (black and white reprint)

1998.11.9-10 portrait of Alice Ficke Simonson as “Helene’s Maid of Honor” (black and white reprint)

1998.11.11 portrait of John Simonson as young boy, n.d. (black and white reprint)

1998.11.12-21 10 negatives for above prints

Subject Cross Reference







Harrison Collection, XIV

Inclusive dates: c. 1914-1916

Scope Notes: This collection consists of 44 photographic prints, mounted in an album, and corresponding glass plate negatives. Davenport scenes of prominence and historic significance are included. Photographs are generally of architectural subjects.


Haut Collection 1992-101

Inclusive dates: 1917-1967

Scope Notes: This collection contains photo reproductions of 7 portraits of men from 3 generations of the Haut family who served in the U.S. military. Original prints are in the possession of the donor. (See also portrait of Edward Haut in the Portrait File and uniforms in the Putnam’s collection, 1991-142.)

Folder 1 Inventory, notes

Folder 2 Copy negatives (9 – 7 different images)

Portraits include: 

Haut, Charles (#3)

Haut, Edward (#2)

Haut, Frank (#4)

Haut, Fred (#1, 3)

Haut, Gary Lee (#5, 6)

Haut, Steven Alan (#7)


Hickey Bros. Collection, XLIII

Date: 1951

Scope Notes: This collection consists of 17 original 4×5” negatives which document the 50th anniversary celebration of the Hickey Bros. Cigar Store (1901-1951). [These images are possibly the work of commercial photographer, Richard K. Sunderbrunch]. Hickey Bros. was more than a cigar store; these images suggest newspapers and magazines were sold, there was a lunch counter as well.

Cross references have been made to:

Business & Industry – Product Distribution – Tobacco

Hotel, Motel, Restaurant, Tavern – Restaurant

Social Life & Customs – Clothing – 1920-1959

Newspapers & Periodicals – Misc.


Hilbert Collection 2004-8

Date(s): 1860s, 1920-1968

Bulk dates: 1920s, 1950-1968

Scope Notes: This collection consists of images and a scrapbook related to donor Walter Hilbert and his wife Joyce and their families jobs and activities. Joyce Hilbert’s parents were Herbert and Marie Healey. Herb’s father was Tom Healey. Tom Healey worked as superintendent of the Davenport Water Company.

Brinkman furniture factory was located at 6th and Warren Street. Donation included cane-seated chair made at this factory. This is part of Mr. Hilbert’s family.

Associated scrapbook 2004.8.15 (stored separately) documents Marie Healey’s political activities including her involvement in the Iowa Democratic party. She served as First District committeewoman, vice chairman of the Scott County Democratic central committee and the first woman from Davenport to be a delegate to a national convention (1960.) Newspaper clippings include her activities on state and national levels as well as a story with photograph of her family; husband Herbert, daughter Joyce and son Tom. Other items include ribbons from conventions, passes and invitations to events includes Campaign Conference for Democratic Women, May 1962; Second Inaugural Salute, Jan. 1963; Democratic National Conventions for 1960 and 1964.

Image Description

Folder 1

Water basin construction at Davenport Water Company Pumping Station #1 on East River Drive, Davenport, September 26, 1923

2004.8.11 View looking towards buildings with railroad bridges at right

2004.8.12 View looking towards the river, basin in foreground

2004.8.13 View of wall between basins with two men standing on wall. Cement mixer on sidewall; river in background

2004.8.14 Pumping Station No. 2, west façade, at 14th and Ripley Streets, with reservoir in foreground

Folder 2

2004.8.4 Brinkman furniture factory, “West Davenport Furniture Factory” on building; also warehouse building and workers pictured, c. 1860s

Series of images of men laying water main, 1920s

2004.8.5 Man in foreground pulling up bricks from street, men in background laying main

2004.8.6 Pipes hanging from frame, block and tackle, ready to lower into trench

2004.8.7 Pipe being lowered into trench

2008.4.8a-b Men in trench and two men wearing ties beside trench. One of these men is probably Tom Healey. (2 copies)

Folder 3

Installation of water tank at Davenport Water Company Pumping Station No. 1 on East River Drive, c. 1920s

2004.8.9 Men standing in front of tank, which is on skids, pumping station building in background

2004.8.10 two men standing by water tank, which is on a railroad car

Folder 4

These photographs were removed from scrapbook 2004.8.15

– Photograph of Marie Healey seated at table, c. 1960

– Unidentified group photograph from verso “August 1963 in Highland Kansas for Barbara’s funeral”

– Photograph of Marie Healey (center) shaking hands with Hubert Humphrey, October 1958 (removed from original cardboard frame)

Scrapbook (2004.8.15)

Photographs include (listed in order as they appear in scrapbook):

– Group photograph of Iowa State Central Committee [Democratic Party], June 6, 1962

– Group photograph of Campaign Conference for Democratic Women, Washington D.C., April 30 – May 2, 1964

– Marie Healey at New Frontiers dinner at Iowa Governor’s Mansion, May 1963

– Marie Healey at Jackson Dinner, 1958 (center seated at table)

– Group photographs of Marie Healey and other Democratic women at Campaign Conference for Democratic Women in Washington D. C., May, 1962

– Group photograph of Marie Healey (right) standing next to Senator Estes Kefauver of Tennessee and two unidentified men and an unidentified woman, n.d.

– Photograph of Senator Estes Kefauver, standing, with Marie Healey seated, n.d.

– Group photograph of Marie Healey (center) shaking hands with Hubert Humphrey, October 1960 (same image as 8 x 10 that is identified as being 1968)

– Group photograph of Mrs. Robert Brunk, president of Scott County Democratic Woman’s Club, Lex Hawkins of Des Moines, chairman of state central committee and Marie Healey while vice chairman of state committee, March 1964 (see related newspaper clipping)

– Group photograph of Marie Healey, Cesear Romaro and Mrs. John Baldridge of Chariton, Iowa, at Coconut Grove night club in Los Angeles, July 1960. (see related newspaper clipping)

– Group photograph identified as “Jan. 1957 Governor’s inauguration”, Marie Healey (center) holding a book with unidentified man (left) looking over her shoulder, and another man (right) on telephone

– Group photograph of James Roosevelt [right] shaking hands with unidentified man, Marie Healey looking on in background, n.d.

– Photograph of Marie Healy, right, with Iowa’s First Lady [Loveless?], 1958

– Group photograph of Marie Healey (right), with 5 unidentified people, “Congressman Coach” written on bottom of photo, “1958 Governor’s mansion” written at top.

– Photograph of Marie Healey standing at podium, captioned “Chairman of County Convention, April 1956”

– Photograph of “President Harry Truman at Davenport, October 1952”. Truman standing at podium on outdoor stage. People standing on stage behind him.

– Photograph of Marie Healey and Senator Estes Kefauver standing under the wing of a plane at Quad City airport, June 22, 1956 (see related newspaper clipping)

– Group photograph of Marie Healey and two unidentified men and one woman at the Atlantic City National Convention, 1964 [woman and man at left may be Mr. and Mrs. George Beuse of Princeton, IA. Mr. Beuse was First District delegate to convention]

Subject Cross Reference

BUSINESS & INDUSTRY—CONSTRUCTION (5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13)



BUSINESS & INDUSTRY—PUBLIC UTILITIES (5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14)

















Historic Resource Development Program (HRDP) Music Collection, 1991-228

Inclusive dates: 1991

Scope Notes: The collection consists of 104 images shot by photographer Jay R. Strickland working under a contract with the Putnam Museum (see copy of contract in folder 1) in conjunction with a grant from the Historic Resource Development Program of the State of Iowa for the temporary exhibit “The Beat Goes On: Music in the Quad Cities Since 1830.” Subjects include a variety of musical activities held in the Quad City area from April to November 1991 (see notes and job sheets in folder 1 for more details).

Folder 1

Inventory, copy of contract, notes, transparencies (9)

Folder 2

Negatives (104, filed in same way as prints, see below)

Folder 3

Portraits (32 prints, filed alphabetically)

Bellson, Louie (1991.228.79, 80)

Burnside, R.L. (1991.228.56)

Butterfield, Ed (1991.228.37)

Christensen, Don (1991.228.72)

Cochran, Jane (1991.228.81)

Crowder, James (1991.228.68)

Evans, Jesse (1991.228.9)

Gahagan, Allan (1991.228.86)

Greenwood, Lee (1991.228.76)

Herman, “Hawkeye” (1991.228.63)

Levson, Rodney, Jr. (1991.228.85)

Longnecker, Ed (1991.228.59)

McFadden, Debbie (1991.228.70, 71)

Malloon, Cleve (1991.228.39)

Neulieb, Carol (1991.228.22)

Polard, Devra (1991.228.33)

Roost, Joseph F. (1991.228.83)

Royal, Billy Joe (1991.228.44)

Schroeder, Jerry (1991.228.52, 53)

Shuh, Angeline (1991.228.69)

Sladky, Math (1991.228.74)

Sterns, Samantha (1991.228.88)

Sterns, Rebecca (1991.228.93)

Titman, Wayne (1991.228.45)

Wheeler, Terry (1991.228.84)

Whiteside, Steve (1991.228.87)

Willis, Ryan (1991.228.38)

Wooten, Don (1991.228.49)

Young, Zora (1991.228.55)

Folder 4

(72 prints filed by main subject heading)

1991.228.1-4 Quad City Youth Symphony Orchestra Days (Music – Orchestras – Misc.)

1991.228.5, 6 Quad City Symphony Orchestra (Music – Orchestras – Quad City Symphony)

1991.228.7, 8 Etude Club meeting (Music – Misc.)

1991.228.9 Koto Ensemble at Augustana College (Music – Misc.)

1991.228.11, 12 Augustana Jazz Ensemble (Music – Bands)

1991.228.13, 14 Davenport West High School choir (Music – Choruses & Singers)

1991.228.15 Larry Peterson playing organ at Trinity Episcopal Church (Music – Instruments)

1991.228.16 St. Ambrose Univ. Chorale (Music – Choruses & Singers)

1991.228.17, 18 St. Ambrose Univ. Jazz Band (Music – Bands)

1991.228.19-21 St. Ambrose Chamber Singers (Music – Choruses & Singers)

1991.228.23 Moline High School choir members (Music – Choruses & Singers)

1991.228.24, 25 Rock Island High School choir members (Music – Choruses & Singers)

1991.228.26, 27 Augustana College choir (Music – Choruses & Singers)

1991.228.28, 29 Davenport Central High School orchestra (Music – Orchestras – Misc.)

1991.228.30-32 Bettendorf High School choir members (Music – Choruses & Singers)

1991.228.34 Rock Island High School band members (Music – Bands)

1991.228.35, 36 Rock Island High School orchestra members (Music – Orchestras – Misc.)

1991.228.40-43 Friends of Heritage Arts members with folk instruments (Music – Misc.)

1991.228.46 Band at June Jamboree in East Moline (Music – Bands)

1991.228.47, 48 Los Reales concert (Music – Bands)

1991.228.50, 51 Mozart Festival presentation, “The Magic Flute” (Music – Choruses & Singers)

1991.228.54 TV technician at Miss. Valley Blues Festival (Communication – Television)

1991.228.57, 58 Audrey & the Blue Kats at Miss. Val. Blues Fest. (Music – Bands)

1991.228.60-62 Blues players at Col Ballroom (Music – Bands)

1991.228.64, 65 Interiors of McKay’s Music Store (Business & Industry – Product Distribution – Music Stores)

1991.228.66, 67 Hot Lips, Fingers & Sticks band at Bix 7 practice run (Music – Bands)

1991.228.73 Ramona and the Night Riders at Deutsch Days (Holidays & Celebrations – Festivals – Misc.)

1991.228.75 Math Sladky band at Deutsch Days (Music – Bands)

1991.228.77 Lee Greenwood at Silvis Country Music Festival (Music – Bands)

1991.228.78 Louie Bellson with Northern Illinois Univ. Jazz Band (Music – Bands)

1991.228.82 Grace United Methodist Church choir members (Music – Choruses & Singers)

1991.228.89-92 Indian powwow at Rock Island Arsenal (Indians – Misc)

1991.228.94, 95 Children playing with musical toys (Recreation – Children’s Activities)

1991.228.96, 97 Good News Singers at Ridgecrest Village & audience (Social Live & Customs – Old Age & Retirement; Music – Choruses & Singers)

1991.228.98 Cast of “The Magic Flute” at Mozart Festival (Music – Choruses & Singers)

1991.228.99 Members of the Classique Quintet practicing (Music – Bands)

1991.228.100, 101 Augustana Jazz Ensemble (Music – Bands)

1991.228.102 Quad City Symphony Orchestra rehearsal (Music – Orchestras – Quad City Symphony)

1991.228.103, 104 Chordbusters annual show, “What’s Up Doc?” (Music – Choruses & Singers)


Hoffbauer -Petersen Collection 2005-6 

Date: c. 1907-1970, scattered dates 

Scope Notes : This collection consists 4 original photographs and 8 digital images scanned from photographs in the donor’s possession. They document the donor’s family who are associated with clothing and other artifacts in this accession. 

Note: The digital images in folder 2 were scanned using standards established for the Upper Mississippi Valley Digital Archives. Scanning worksheets and photocopies of photographs are included in folder 2. 

Image Description 

Folder 1

2005.6.28 photograph of Craig Hoffbauer, ca. 1955 

2005.6.29 photograph of Hilda Bernick holding baby daughter, Nadine, ca. 1918-1919 

2005.6.30 portrait of Nadine Bernick at time of high school graduation, 1936 

2005.6.31 portrait of Clarence Bernick, ca. 1907 

Folder 2 

2 CD containing the following images: 

2005.6.32 Amy Petersen wearing angel costume (2005.6.9), December 1970 

2005.6.32 Nadine Bernick Hoffbauer on honeymoon to Wisconsin Dells, wearing jodhpurs (2005.6.11), Sept. 1940 

2005.6.34 Bernick/Hoffbauer family at Shirley Sindt Day’s wedding, June 8, 1947; family members in photo are Edward Hoffbauer, Frank Weih, Clarence Bernick, Pete Sindt, Arnold Sindt, Don Weih, Norma (Sindt) Weih, Velma (Sindt) Giese, Hilda (Sindt) Bernick, Nadine (Bernick) Hoffbauer, Nelda Sindt, Virginia Weih, Lillian Sindt, Craig Hoffbauer, JoAnne Sindt, Shirley (Sindt) Day 

2005.6.35 Bernick/Sindt family members, mid 1920s, shows Nelda Sindt wearing dress (2005.6.27). Family members in photo are Hilda Sindt Bernick, Nelda Sindt, Velma Giese, Linda Schwarting [?}, Norma Weih, Anna Sindt, Linda’s daughter?, Molly Schwarting (Anna’s sister), Nadine Bernick Hoffbauer, Don Weih 

2005.6.36 Velma Giese and second woman, c. 1940 

2005.6.37 Adolph & Amelia Bernick, wedding photograph, c. 1889, Amelia wearing dress (2005.6.5) 

2005.6.38 Elsie Bernick Stowell, sweet sixteen photograph, c. 1910, wearing dress (2005.6.4)

2005.6.39 Hilda and Clarence Bernick on farm, Clarence is wearing jacket (2005.6.6) 

Subject Cross Reference 

Farms & Farming–Buildings & Barnyards–1920-1999 [39] 

Farms & Farming–Special Types–Livestock (39] 

Groups–Identified [34, 35] 

Social Life & Customs–Clothing–1850-1919 [29, 31, 37, 38] 

Social Life & Customs–Clothing–1920-1959 [28, 30, 33, 34, 35, 36, 39] 

Social Life & Customs–Clothing–1960-2000 [32] 

Social Life & Customs–Weddings [33, 34, 37] 

Portrait–Bernick, Adolph [37] 

Portrait–Bernick, Amelia [37] 

Portrait–Bernick, Clarence [31, 34, 39] 

Portrait–Bernick, Hilda Sindt [29, 34, 35, 39] 

Portrait–Day, Shirley Sindt [34] 

Portrait–Giese, Velma Sindt [34, 35, 36] 

Portrait–Hoffbauer, Craig [28,34] 

Portrait–Hoffbauer, Edward [34] 

Portrait–Hoffbauer, Nadine Bernick [29, 30, 33, 34, 35] 

Portrait–Petersen, Amy [32] 

Portrait–Schwarting, Molly [35] 

Portrait–Sindt, Anna [35] 

Portrait–Sindt, Arnold [34] 

Portrait–Sindt, JoAnne [34] 

Portrait–Sindt, Lillian [34] 

Portrait–Sindt, Nelda [34,35] 

Portrait–Sindt, Pete [34] 

Portrait–Stolwell, Elsie Bernick [38] 

Portrait–Weih, Don [34,35] 

Portrait–Weih, Frank [34] 

Portrait–Weih, Norma Sindt [34, 35] 

Portrait–Weih, Virginia [34]

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