Common Ground

Common Ground: Our Voice, Our Stories exhibit, featuring colorful collage of historic pictures, textures and modern portraits.

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We're All Different and That's What We Have in Common

The past and present come alive as you surround yourself with our rich history of what it means to be a Quad Citizen. Explore our collective past through stories and artifacts as told through diverse voices.

There is plenty of room for reflection, enjoyment, and interaction. You will even be invited to share your own story!

Colorful multi-cultural individuals and textures representing the Common Ground exhibit at the Putnam

The History of this Community History Project 

Common Ground: Our Voice, Our Stories is the culmination of a three-year regional history update. The team at the Putnam Museum and Science Center has completely renovated the gallery and is displaying artifacts from the 250,000-piece collection that have never been featured before.

The creation of this exhibit has been broadly collaborative. The Putnam partnered with Friends of Martin Luther King Interpretive Center, LULAC Council 10, and Azubuike African American Council for the Arts to co-curate the exhibit.

Beyond these close partnerships, groups throughout the Quad Cities provided input and feedback and many had the opportunity to help shape the new exhibit.

This intensive collaboration was carefully and intentionally orchestrated in order to ensure that the stories of all Quad Citians are told in the updated history exhibit. 

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