Black Earth | Big River

Children, three girls and one boy exploring prairie grasses outside of the cave in the Mississippi River exhibit, Black Earth, Big River.

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Let the River Guide You Through This Fascinating Exhibit

Start your visit to the Putnam Museum and Science Center by learning about the natural habitats of the Quad Cities area and how it has changed over time. 

Let the river guide you through the exhibit as you explore wetlands, woodlands, prairies, and even your own backyard as you wander through the Putnam Museum’s interactive ecology exhibit. See the creatures large and small that roam our area today and explore a huge oak tree from the inside out! You’ll hear the sounds of the marsh and the stories of the people who live on the River. Plus, you’ll come face-to-face with LIVE Mississippi River fish in our 718-gallon aquarium!

This picture features a collage of images from the exhibit including a girl with red hair and a blue shirt that says “Science Girl” looking through a pair of orange binoculars, a brown, furry bison on display, and an exhibit backdrop that reads “Mississippi Mussels.”

Look Around Closely! 

On the ground and up in the trees, there are dozens of examples of wildlife specimens from the Putnam’s collection situated throughout this exhibit. How many can you spot?

Explore the Cave

Watch the video below as Matt, our creative services director, guides you through a cave experience straight from Black Earth | Big River!

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