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J.R. Nutting Collection
Inclusive Dates: 1882-1910
Scope Notes
Contains various types of invitations sent to J.R. Nutting and his wife, which were for formal parties hosted by well-known, respectable public figures.
Note: Oversized document removed from folder 3 and stored in OSCab2-D9
Folder 1 – 18 items
1. small, cardboard menu–July 17, 1900
2. White House invitation for Col. and Mrs. Nutting–January 18, ?
3. card with Mr. Theodore Roosevelt’s name
4. envelope that contained autographs of various people at Chicago Club banquet–1900
5. three cards containing autographs
6. folded invitation to closing exercises of St. Katharine’s School
7. envelope labeled Class of 1910, St. Katharine’s School
8. cardboard note of school’s closing event’s programme
9. cardboard note of its graduates
10. cardboard note of change of event’s dates
11. Chicago Club banquet programme booklet–1899
12. large, folded invitation to Chicago Club banquet–1899
13. booklet programme of Cairo-Washington D.C. inaugural dinner–1909
14. large envelope addressed to Col. James R. Nutting
15. large, folded invitation to inauguration of President of United States sent to Nutting–March 4, 1909
16. card invitation to White House reception sent to Col. and Mrs. Nutting
Folder 2 – 10 items
1. invitation to Minneapolis Club to meet V.P. of United States
2. invitation to reception of Governor of Illinois (John R. Tanner)–1897
3. invitation to meet Governor John R. Tanner and his wife
4. invitation to reception honoring Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland–1907
5. programme booklet honoring Prince Henry of Prussia with attached mini pencil–1902
6. invitation to meet Governor of Iowa and Mrs. Carroll–date ?
7. menu and programme booklet for banquet celebration of George Washington’s birth–1900
8. programme booklet of ?
9. programme booklet for celebration of John Paul Jones–1906
10. programme booklet for celebration of 100th anniversary of Louisiana Purchase–1903
Folder 3 – 9 items
1. booklet about Ms. Eva Emmet Wycoff
2. booklet about Henry K. Elkins and his funeral–July 20, 1901
3. memoriam for Charles Henry Deere–1907
4. “A Liberty League” Convention Bulletin booklet–March 1908
5. “The Riverside Monthly”–July 1896
6. invitation to annual meeting of Sons of the Revolution–1908
7. Grand Opera House event programme–1912
8. S.R. meeting programme–1908
9. Pedigree chart for bull named “Marigold’s Goldie” (oversized document)
Folder 4 – 6 items
1. “Complimentary Supper given by Mr. Robert Sickels” menu–1882
2. “National Hardware Association of the U.S.A.” convention booklet–1910
3. “Complimentary Dinner” booklet–1908
4. “American Hardware Manufacturers’ Association” convention booklet–1908
5. “National Hardware Association” convention booklet–1908
6. “The Ti-Ki Club, No. 3” banquet menu–1903
Folder 5 – 13 items
1. one omnibus line pass–1893
2. five U.S. Senate Chamber session passes–1892 to 1909
3. Rock Island Southern System railroad pass of RI Southern RR Company–1910
4. two Clerk’s Office, House of Representatives U.S. passes–both, 1909
5. four House of Representatives member’s passes–1892 to 1909
Subject Heading Cross Reference
Business & Industry–Hardware
Farms & Farming–Special Types–Livestock
Railroads–Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific
Schools & Education–Academies–St. Katherine’s School
Social Life & Customs–Funerals
Social Life and Customs–Parties
National–Presidents–Roosevelt, T.
National–Presidents–Taft, W. H.
Carrol, Mr. ?, Iowa Governor
Deere, Charles Henry
Wycoff, Eva Emmet
Elkins, Henry K.
Tanner, John R., Illinois Governor
Sickels, Robert
Roosevelt, Theodore

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