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Arthur Davison Ficke Collection
Inclusive Dates: June 25, 1918 – January 13, 1919
Scope Notes: This collection consists of letters written by a soldier named Arthur Ficke, who served overseas in World War I.
Folder 1 – 1 item
World War I letters dated from June 25, 1918 – January 13, 1919
Subject Heading Cross Reference
Documents & Letters
Military & War–World War I–Misc.
–Ficke, Arthur Davison
S. A. Fidyke Archival Collection 2004-28
This collection is stored in Archival Box 11
Dates: 1914-1960
Scope Notes: This collection consists of materials related to Sigmund A. Fidyke and consists of drawings of flower beds at Davenport parks and non-accessioned newspaper articles. Some newspaper clippings describe photos which are also part of this donation and stored as S. A. Fidyke Photo Collection 2004-28.
Fidyke was a florist and gardener. He worked at and owned several local greenhouses (Davis, and H. G. Pauli & Sons which he later purchased and renamed Sig’s Florist) and was also head horticulturist for the Davenport Park Board. Some photos show greenhouses or conservatories, while others show parks. There are also portraits of Fidyke and pictures of him and his home.
Folder 3 contains two documents and non-accession that are accession 2012-14.
Also see Fidyke Photo Collection 2004-28 for photographs.
Folder 1
Archival material related to parks including flower bed planting designs from Riverview Terrace, Fejervary Park, Vander Veer Park; an elevation drawing of the conservatory at Vander Veer Park. Also thank you letter re: landscaping from Mrs. Harold (Juanita G.) Kleinman addressed to Fidyke at H. G. Pauli & Sons, dated Nov. 6, 1946.
Folder 2   N/A 2004-10 materials related to acc. 2004-28
Newspaper Clippings about Davenport Parks and related to the career of Sigmund Fidyke
–            “Davenport May Boast of Finest Floral Display Yet Evolved Here”
–            C. 1934, “‘Mums’ The Word When Annual Park Show Opens Sunday”
–            C. 1934, “Poinsettias Take Center of Stage at Vander Veer”
–            C. 1935, “City Park Fountain Is Magnet” (2 pages)
–            Oct. 13, 1935, “Special Features Prepared Every Season of Year for Visitors At Davenport Public Parks
–            Oct. 13, 1935, “City Parks’ Greatest Development Brought on By Depression” (3 Separate pieces)
–            Oct. 13, 1935, “Boss For 30 Years”
–            1935, Head Gardener feature
–            1935, technician Feature
–            1935, “Lagoons Beautify Drive”
–            1938, “It’s Mum Time in the Davenport City Parks”
–            November 20, 1939 “Two Trips Necessary to see Mum show at Best”
–            “Mum” Show Opens Sunday
–            Nov. 10, 1940, “Mum Show is Open At Vander Veer”
–            “Mum show will open Sunday At Vander Veer Park”
–            “This is the Last day for Mum Display at Vander Veer Park”
–            “Chrysanthemum Show Draws Crowd Each day, Night to Park”
–            Jan. 10, 1940, “S.A. Fidyke is Speaker at Garden Department Meeting”
–            March 9, 1941. “Conservatory Colorful With Million Blossoms”
–            March 8, 1942, “Spring Flowers- Millions of ‘Em- in Bloom as Paek Board Prepared for Annual Easter Show April 5”
–            1942, “Fidyke Named Rosarian by Rose and Garden Club”
–            March 29, 1942 “Features Park Flower Show”
–            Nov. 15, 1942 “Mum Show to Open Today at Vander Veer”
–            “Poinsettias At Vander Veer In Full Bloom”
–            1942, “World News Of the Day”
–            April 9, 1944 “Build Arch Over Lily Pond”
–            1947, “Flower Show is Highlight of Florists’ Convention here”
–            April 1, 1943, “Mothers’ Club to Hear S.A. Fidyke”
–            April 1, 1943, “S.A. Fidyke Talks For Mothers Club”
–            “Easter Lilies, Bigger and Better than Any Japan Ever Produced, On Display Here” (2 clippings)
–            “Iowa Florists’ Annual Convention Held at Des Moines” (2 pieces)
–            Nov. 12, 1949, “Society Of Iowa Florists Holds Its Big 47th Annual Convention”
–            July 4, 1951, ” Fidyke Rose Garden in Glen Armil ‘Stops Traffic’ “
–            “Rose Garden Brightens Glen Armil Addition”
–            Aug. 9, 1959 “Sig Fidyke- A Green Thumb Since He was 14”
–            Jan. 6, 1967, “S.A. Fidyke Dies On Vacation Trip”
–            “Fidyke services”
–            Jan 6, 1967 “Former Florist In Davenport Dies on Coast”
Folder 3 (2012-14)
2012.14.1          Naturalization papers for Sidgmud A. Fidyke, June 4, 1924
2012.14.2          Naturalization apeprs for Elizabeth Fidyke, March 23, 1927
•            2 copies of S. A. Fidyke’s passport, 1913
•            2 copies of immigration inspection cards
•            Photocopy of letter to S. A. Fidyke from daughter?
•            Letter to Joe Hilak, Bettendorf, from S. A. Fidyke
Subject Headings
Finch Collection 1992-94
Donor: Ruth S. Helgen
Inclusive Dates: 1890 – 1954
Scope Notes: This collection includes photographs and archival materials relating to Hortence Finch and his family.
Inventory – to be created, check list to items in collection, assign subject headings
From Accession Record:
Photographs of Hortence Finch, Fred and Anna Finch (Hortence’s parents) Ottilie and Albert Schulz (Hortence’s maternal grandparents), and other family members (c. 1890-1950?); [photos include 2 framed images, 3 tintypes, and one print on glass];
52. 1 scrapbook from Hortence Finch’s high school years at Davenport High School (c. 1921);
53. 1 certificate of marriage for Fred Finch and Anna Schulz (Sept. 15, 1898);
54. 1 diploma from Iowa Common Schools for Fred Finch (July 22, 1891);
55-57. 3 “Teachers First Class Certificate[s]” for Fred Finch (1891-1892);
58. 1 diploma from Iowa Commercial College certifying Fred Finch as competent as an Accountant and Stenographer (Nov. 4, 1892);
59. 1 certificate for Fred Finch from a fraternal organization (c. 1922);
60. 1 diploma from Davenport Public Schools for Anna Schulz (Jun 1887);
61. 1 diploma from Davenport Public Schools for Hortence Finch (June 1917);
62. 1 diploma from Davenport High School for Hortence Otillie Finch (June 17, 1921);
63. 1 Master of Arts diploma from the Graduate College of the State University of Iowa for Hortence Finch (Aug. 20, 1936);
64. 1 memorial booklet from Fred Finch’s funeral (Sept. 16, 1941);
65. 1 metal printing plate for Mrs. Finch’s calling card;
66. 1 “Durant Centennial” commemorative booklet (1954);
67. misc. archival materials and newspaper clippings including items related to the Schulz and Finch families and articles written by Hortence Finch for the “Times- Democrat” (includes 3 photos)
Finch Manuscripts 1991-141
Inclusive dates: c. 1837-1980
SCOPE NOTES: The collection contains materials related primarily to the life of Hortense Finch, but also includes some papers from Fred F. Finch, her father, and other family members. Much of the collection relates to articles that Hortense Finch wrote for the Times-Democrat c. 1969-71.
Folder 1
Inventory, misc. notes and newspaper clippings.
Folder 2
Misc. newspaper clippings of articles written by Hortense Finch c. 1969-71.
Folder 3
Misc. typed manuscripts, many dealing with local history. Most are incomplete or have missing pages.
Folder 4
Misc. greeting cards, calling cards, invitations.
1837 journal of a journey through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.
1898 ledger of expenditures.
Folder 5
Finch family materials:
Death certificate for Jesse Finch (1823-1905)
Receipt for furniture sold to Fred Finch
Grade cards, correspondence, and a teaching certificate from Normal School at Greenfield,         Iowa, for Fred Finch (1888¬92) .
Invitation for Anna Schulz-Fred F. Finch wedding (Sept. 15, 1898, photo removed).
Folder 6
Greeting cards, Davenport H.S. class reunion booklets for classes of 1931, 1934 (2), and 1958, postcards from England, piece of correspondence to Hortense Finch from George McMichael (Nov. 9, 1965) .
Folder 7
Identified photographs (58, additional 2 removed to oversize). Subjects include primarily photos to accompany Hortense Finch’s articles in the Times-Demoarat and a few family photos.
Bajc, Andrea (1991.141.93)
Bajc, Andy (1991.141.93)
               Bajc, Emilia (1991.141.93)
Bajc, Mike (1991.141.93)
Bajc, Vera (1991.141.93)
Edler, Dan (1991.141.85)
Priester, Jean (1991.141.84)
Schalk, Cindy (1991.141.83)
Schalk, Jay (1991.141.83)
Schalk, Steve (1991.141.83)
Schulz, Albert (1991.141.111)
Schulz, Otillie (1991.141.112)
Folder 8
Unidentified photographs (35) probably taken to acoompany Hortense Finch’s articles in the Times-Democrat. Photographs include those by photographers Bill McConnell (1991.141.116, 123a-d, 130-132), Frank Folwell (1991.141.118), John Evans (1991.141.119, 133, 134), Phil Hutchison (1991.141.120), Eric J. Wala (1991.141.121), Pat Costello (1991.141.124a-f, 129), and Dick Heap (1991.141.136).
Volume 1
“A collection of memories from period 6 given to Miss Finch on the occasion of her birthday, May 10, 1966,” containing poems and photos from students of Hortense Finch.

Allbee, Dave
Anderson, Devy
Baustian, Linda
Carlson, Betty
Corbin, Sheri
Eckstein, Jane
Haut, Mimzi (sketch)
Livers, Sharon

Volume 2
A scrapbook of twenty black & white photographs (1991.141.114a-w) with captions given to Hortense Finch (retired) in 1984 by Maggie ________? The scrapbook documents the 1984 Davenport Central H.S. homecoming festivities.
Subjects include:
MUSIC–BANDS (1991.141.114c, k)
SCHOOLS & EDUCATION–TEACHERS (1991.141.114d, h, j)
SPORTS–FOOTBALL (1991.141.114a-w)
Hess, Ms. ?
Holiday, Mr.         ?
Kennedy, Chris
Whitt, Mike
Volume 3-5
Binders containing newsclippings of articles by Hortense Finch. Clippings date c. 1969-71 and are in no apparent order. Many are glued to pages in binders, others laid in.
Volume 6
Leather portfolio containing various papers and notes including an essay entitled “History of St. Paul’s Parish, Durant” by Mrs. Huxley A Miller.
Free Studio Ledgers 2011-4
Inclusive Dates: 1903-1952
Scope Notes: This collection contains 6 income and expense ledgers for the Free Studio of Photography, which was located on Brady Street in Davenport from c. 1895 to 2005.
Box 1
2011.4.1             Cash receipt “Day Book” January 1, 1903 to September 15, 1919
2011.4.2             Cash receipt ledger – January 1, 1923 to August 31, 1926
2011.4.3             Cash receipt ledger – January 1, 1930 to May 1934
2011.4.4             Expense ledger, August 1, 1890 to July 1918
2011.4.5             Expense ledger January 1, 1951 to December 31, 1952
2011.4.6             Inventory book 1911 to 1923
2011.4.7             Ink blotter for Frank Free, Davenport, Iowa (found in one of the ledgers)
Subject Heading Cross Reference
Business & Inventory—Photography
Alice French Collection 1907-70 (partially donated by C. E. Harrison)
Inclusive Dates: 1889-1927
Scope Notes: Contains 27 letters from Alice French, an author/novelist from Davenport.
Folder 1 – 27 items
1.           To C.E. Harrison for items from his drug store:             7/9/1889
2.           2/11/1891
3.           3/11/1891
4. 3/26/1891
5. 4/10/1891
6.           November 4, 1892–to Mrs. C.E. Putnam about donation and lauds Academy
7.           February 14, 1892–to Mrs. C.E. Putnam; personal note
8.           December 28, 1894–to J.H. Harrison with enclosed autographs for C.E. Harrison and orders drugs
9.           July 5, 1895–to Mrs. C.A. Ficke with request to be patroness for Company B Entertainment (acc. 1960-92)
10.         July 5, 1895–to Mrs. J.R. Nutting with request to be patroness for Company B Entertainment
11.         July 5, 1895–to Mrs. C.E. Putnam with request to be patroness for Company B Entertainment
12.         January 3, 1898–to C.E. Harrison with request for drugs
13.         October 18, 1899–to C.E. Harrison with request for drugs
14.         March 17, 1907–to Miss Bessie Putnam about Colonial Dames business
15.         Date?–to Miss Bessie Putnam about Colonial Dames business
16.         March 14, 1913–to Miss Elizabeth Putnam; personal note
17.         February 10, 1914–to Miss Bessie Putnam; personal letter that mentions Henry Vollmer, Mrs. Peck, Pancho Villa, and Colonial Dames
18.         July 9, 1908–to Miss Bessie Putnam about Colonial Dames business
19.         May 11, 1914–to Miss Elizabeth Putnam; personal note
20.         Date?–to? Personal note on small calling card
21.         July 24, N D–to Mrs. C.E. Putnam; personal note
22.         Date?–to Miss Bessie Putnam about troubles in Mexico
23.         Date?–to Miss Bessie Putnam about Colonial Dames business
24.         Date?–to Miss Bessie Putnam about Colonial Dames business
25.         ?
26.         Date?–to Miss Bessie Putnam referring to death of Mrs. Deere
27.         June 27, 1927–to Mr. Temple
Subject Heading Cross Reference
Documents & Letters
Organizations & Clubs–Misc.

Ficke, Mrs. C. A.
French, Alice
Harrison, C. E.
Harrison, J. H.
Nutting, Mrs. J. R.
Putnam, Mrs. C. E. (Mary Louisa)
Putnam, Elizabeth (Bessie)
Vollmer, Henry
Frick MSS 1993-3
Inclusive Dates: c. 1905-1973
SCOPE NOTES: This collection contains materials related to the Improved Order of Red Men. All of the materials came from the estate of George H. Frick who had been a member and leader of the group. A history of both the local and national groups are included in the collection.
Two oversized group photographs of members of the organization have been removed from the collection and stored with the other oversized images. See photocopies with notes. Also removed was a pin related to the I.O.R.M.
Folder 1
Inventory, notes
Folder 2
•            “The Story of Redmenship” (bound excerpt), Will E. Cowles (originally published St. Paul, MN: The Speaking Leaf Co., 1905, 1 vol.)
•            “Synopsis from the Official History of the Improved Order of Red Men” (originally published 1893, synopsis prepared by A.J. Danielson, 5 vols.),
•            vols. 1,2
•            Envelope that originally contained above listed materials
Folder 3
“Synopsis from the Official History of the Improved Order of Red Men” (originally published 1893, synopsis prepared by A.J. Danielson, 5 vols.), vols. 3-5
Envelope that originally contained above listed materials
Folder 4
52 issues of the “Red Man Courier” (published in Davenport; apparently Tecumseh Tribe No. 32’s
newsletter; Vol. I-V, 1937-1941; nearly complete run for those years; a history of Tecumseh Tribe
No. 32 begins in Vol. III, No. 3 and runs serially)
Folders 5 & 6
Misc. constitutions, programs, and some correspondence from George Frick and other I.O.R.M.
Books 1-3
Three record/minute books of Tecumseh Tribe No. 32, Improved Order of Red Men (Nov. 25, 1921-Nov. 13, 1925; July 3, 1931-Dec. 17, 1937; and Jan. 21, 1944-Dec. 27, 1951)
Book 4
“Tri-City Railway and Light Company: Information Regarding Underlying Lighting Companies and their franchises prior to January 1st 1907” (bound carbon copies, badly faded, with blueprint maps of Quad City streetcar lines)
Subject Cross-Reference
Organizations & Clubs—Misc.
Transportation—Trolleys, Inter-urbans, & Horsecars
People—Frick, George H.

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