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Alan Campbell Collection 1989-073
Inclusive dates: 1948 – 1976
Scope Notes: This collection contains sporting event programs and magazines from local and national teams including the Quad City Angels and Cubs (baseball), Quad City Mohawks (football), Tri-City Blackhawks (basketball), New York Knickerbockers, Boston Celtics and others.
Folder 1 – 11 items
(GD 379)              Quad City Angels, 1964-66, 1968-71
Folder 2 – 9 items
(GD 379)              Quad City Angels, 1972-76
Folder 3 – 2 items
(GD 379)              Quad City Angels, 1978
(no #)                    Quad City Cubs, 1979
Folder 4 – 8 items
(GD 381)              Quad City Mohawks, 1971, 1972, 1975
Folder 5 – 12 items
(GD 378)              National basketball magazine/Tri-City Blackhawks, 1947
(GD 377)              National Basketball Magazine/Tri-City Blackhawks, 1949
(no #)    National Pro Basketball League Magazine, 1949
Folder 6 – 6 items
(GD 382)              NBA Pro-Basketball program Boston Celtic vs. Detroit Pistons at Wharton Field House, Oct. 5, ?
GD 382 Arena News magazine, Philadelphia
GD 382 Zollner Pistons program, Nov. 5, 1950 and Jan. 14, 1951
GD 382 Rochester Royals program, 1949-50 and 1950-51
Folder 7 – 9 items
GD 382 New York Knickerbockers programs: Dec. 27, 1947; Dec. 1, 1948; Nov. 19, 1949; Dec. 17, 1949; Nov. 21, 1950; Feb. 22, 1951; Dec. 7, 1954
GD 382 Boston Celtics vs. Cincinnati Royals program at Wharton Field House, Oct. 11, 1966, (2 copies)
Folder 8 – 2 items
no #       Danville Dodger program (baseball)
GD 382 Dania, Florida, Jai-Alia program, 1968-69
Scrapbook of Tri-City Blackhawks, c. 1949
Subject Heading Cross Reference
Charles S. Campbell Collection
Inclusive Dates:  1847
Scope Notes: Contains notes/records of business transactions or expenses under Charles S. Campbell.
Folder 1 – 6 items
1. blank check of Farmers’ Bank at Wilmington
2. note of cash paid for ?
3. three sheets of expenses/payments
4. note/letter
Subject Heading Cross Reference
Business & Industry–Banking
People: Campbell, Charles S.
Campfire Girls Collection Assume part of accession 1987-070
Inclusive Dates: 1913-1971
Scrapbooks, magazines and other materials related to the Davenport Council of Campfire Girls
Box 1
Contains 5 scrapbooks concerning activities
Box 2
•            2 photos unidentified
•            Pamphlet, March 1948
•            2 framed articles with portrait of Bessie Happ? and tribute to Bessie Happ, on verso: “Awana Clubs” and Achievement Bars
•            Engraved plaque to Bessie Happ
•            Magazines: Wohelo, Sept 1913-Aug. 1917; The Guardian for leaders, Dec. 1935-June 1942
•            Magazine: The Camp Fire Girl, Dec. 1942-Feb. 1949, Feb. 1958-Oct. 1965
•            Magazine: Today’s Girl, Sept. 1971
•            “Beginning of Camp Fire Girls in Davenport, 1912-1915”, signed by Mrs. S. J. Delarue nee Agnes Nagel, 1946
•            4 catalogs of equipment and supplies
•            Minutes of Camp Fire Girls Guardians Association, Oct. 1940-Dec. 1941 (book)
•            Booklet “Air Pictures” sign language by Charlotte V. Gulick, 1915
Subject Heading Cross Reference
Organizations & Clubs–Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts
Organizations & Clubs–Misc.
Happ, Bessie
Nagel, Agnes
Delarue, Mrs. S. J.
Case Collection
Inclusive dates: 1884-1889
Scope Notes: This collection contains 11 letters written by [Charles G.] Case to Mrs. Mary A. Case
Folder 1 – 11 items
Letter #7, March 10, 1889; about being shanghaied aboard a whaler for Alaska
Letter #10, June 24, 1889; about plans/ideas for canning and marketing sturgeon
Subject Heading Cross Reference
Documents & Letters
Business & Industry—Fish
Boats & Boating—Disasters
Thomas and Mary Anne Chouteau Collection
FY2008-039, 2008-015
Dates: 1960-2005, predominately 1960s and 1990-2005
Scope Notes: This collection was compiled by Thomas and Mary Anne Chouteau who were involved in the civil rights movement in Davenport. The collection documents activities of the Catholic Interracial Council (CIC) in the 1960s, and newspaper articles related to people involved in the movement written in the 1990s. Newspaper clippings also include writings and opinions related to racial discrimination and equality written in the 1960s and the 1990s to 2005.
The collection includes
•            newsletters, brochures and annual reports for the Catholic Interracial Council (CIC) in the 1960s,
•            correspondence between Tom Chouteau and state and national public officials supporting civil rights legislation including the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
•            Materials related to CIC efforts to promote fair housing law in Davenport through realtors and the City Council including maps and statistics.
•            Other topics and events include articles about Father Marvin Mottet and Father Edward Catich’s lives and work (from 1990s and 2000s).
•            Folder 5 contains newspaper clippings mostly related to fair housing laws and ordinances predominately in Iowa and also voting legislation, Civil Rights bill and human rights.
•            Folder 6 and 7 contain newspaper clippings regarding civil rights issues from the 1990s through 2005 including death of Rosa Parks, impact of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, black history,
Folder 1
1-4.        Photographs of style show at Charles and Ann Toney residence; 2 show Tom Chouteau as model;
5.          Group photo at unidentified event, 1993;
6.           Photograph of spectators at a style show in the 1960’s at Toney residence
7.           Letter from Father George McDaniels dated Nov. 20, 1993, manuscript “Catholic Action in Davenport: St. Ambrose College and the League for Social Justice” by George William McDaniels, and membership list of League of Social Justice;
8.          Annals of Iowa Vol 55, No. 3, Summer 1996;
9.          2 copies of newspaper clipping from “Catholic Messenger” dated April 3, 1997 about Annals of Iowa publication; 
Folder 2
9-10.    Catholic Interracial Council of Davenport (CIC) brochures (1 blue print and 10 green print);
11.        2 Catholic Interracial Council of Davenport Annual Reports, Oct. 1963-1964 and Oct. 1964-1965;
12-14.  CIC newsletter, Jan. 1964 and May 1964, March 1965
15.        letter from U. S. Senator Everett McKinley Dirksen and copy of the Congressional Record, Feb. 17, 1964, re: Civil Rights Bill;
16-17. 2 programs for CIC Civil Rights Banquet, April 22, 1962;
18.        Congressional Record, Jun 18, 1964;
19.        Pamphlet “the Myths of Racial Integration” by American Jewish Congress, n.d.;
20.        “Statement of the Davenport Catholic Interracial Council regarding certain charges made by officials of the City of Davenport, May 11, 1964; 
21.         Letter to Thomas Chouteau from Iowa Senator Jack Miller concerning the passage of the civil rights legislation;
22.         Samples of Letters Critical of my views favoring civil rights legislation, example letters against the passing of civil rights legislation;
23.        Letter from Governor Harold E. Hughes to Thomas Chouteau, May 21, 1964;
24.        Report on Status of Proposed Civil Rights Legislation, presented to Davenport City Council;
25.        Letter to Thomas Chouteau from David D. Theall, copy of a letter to the editor of the Davenport Morning Democrat;
26.        Pamphlet issued by the Housing committee for CIC, used to send to realtors encouraging them to sell houses to people regardless of race etc.;
27.        “Report of Status of local civil rights legislation concerning ordinances endorsed by CIC”;
28.        brochure issued by Chamber of Commerce for Davenport and Bettendorf, including map;
29.        notes on meeting of the legislative committee for the CIC;
30.        brochure issued by the CIC to community to gain support for the “brotherhood legislation” to pass at the Davenport City Council meeting;
31.        “Statement of the Davenport CIC in Response to the Davenport Board of Realtors”, Apr. 11, 1964;
32.        4 copies of pamphlets containing speech by John F. Kennedy from June 11, 1963 concerning the acceptance of 2 black students to the University of Alabama, issued by the CIC;
33.        “observations made for the use of members of the board of the Davenport CIC relative to its legislative program formally launched at the meeting of the board”, Dec. 30, 1963;   
34.         “Formal Statement issued by the CIC to the City Council concerning the fair housing legislation”;
35.         “Let’s Discriminate”, list of items to encourage blacks to change housing practices etc.;
36.         list of people on the CIC Executive Board, includes addresses and phone numbers;
37.         Minutes for the Feb. 22, 1965, meeting of the Executive Board of the CIC;
38.         program from the 4th Annual Brotherhood Mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral, Feb. 21, 1965;
39.         copy of “Act: Voice of the Christian Family Movement”, Feb. 1964, vol. 17, no. 4, contains articles written by John F. Kennedy and also a number of Christian related groups;
Folder 3
40. City Treasurer’s Receipt for Tom Chouteau for city maps;
41. “Why Should I support the Fair Housing Law in Davenport”, question with answer as to why it is necessary to support law;
42. “American Travelers Guide to Negro Monuments”, issued by the American Oil Company, 1963;
43.  2 copies of the Tri-City Census Tracts for Rock Island, Moline, and Davenport
44.  “Recommendations to New Chairman and Board of Directors. Jan. 9, 1964, list of objectives that need to be completed by new chairman;
45.  graphic of housing data, breaks down housing statistics for whites versus non-whites, including income;
46.  “Notes on Chart Showing Comparisons of White and Non-White Renters etc., accompanied with graph, includes break down of substandard housing units along with their income;
47.  letter to Thomas Chouteau from Iowa Senator B.B. Hickenlooper concerning Hickenlooper’s support of the Civil Rights bill, June 8, 1964;
48.  list of important dates including the Democratic state, county, etc. conventions for Scott County;
49.  “Open CIC Meeting”, brochure advertising banquet and discussion on integration at St. Ambrose College, also advertised a hearing for fair housing ordinance at Edwards Congregational Church;
50.  “Statement of the CIC to City Council requesting a strengthening of the Davenport Human Relations Ordinance, back side includes notes from a meeting of the CIC;
51.  “Leadership Conference on Civil Rights”, Memo: No. 32, Apr. 6, 1964, memo includes information about the events of the conference;
52.  letter to Thomas Chouteau from Iowa Senator Jack Miller concerning Chouteau’s support of the Civil Rights law, March 9, 1964;
53.  Copy of Iowa Senator Jack Miller’s stance on the Civil Rights Law as printed in the Des Moines Register, July 26, 1963;
54. “Report to the Hawkeye State by U.S. Senator Jack Miller”, contains information concerning perspective on Civil Rights Law;
55.         “Brotherhood Legislation”, brochure used to encourage community support of legislation, includes names of local aldermen;
56.         “Equal Rights For All”, pamphlet release by the AFL-CIO, publication No. 33;
57.         “Quint City Committee of Racial Equality”, Constitution of organization, Feb. 11, 1964;
58.         Notice of a Public Meeting to convince that integration does not lower property value;
59.         Letter to Thomas Chouteau from Congressman John R. Schmidhauser, Apr. 28. 1966;
60.         “Some Questions and Answers on the Civil Rights Bill”, pamphlet that served to explain provisions of the bill;
61.         “Report of the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders”, pamphlet with government information on civil disorders;
62.         CIC Membership List, confidential, Sept. 1964;
63.         pamphlet from the CIC, inspirational quotes about equality;
64.         letter from Pastor M.F. Taylor soliciting support to begin a fund for a building under the Simon Estes’ honors and awards;
65.         Simon Estes-Bass and Baritone, flyer encouraging support;
Folder 4
66.         “The Baecke Chair of Humanities Lecture” pamphlet, St. Ambrose, Nov. 10, 1993;
67.         “Say No to Hate” Rally brochure, March 15, 1994, list of names and parts of event, techniques to sat no to hate, attached- Newsweek magazine article;
68.         “Celebrating the Life and Ministry of Msgr. Marvin Mottet, June 19. 2005, program for church recognition;
69.         drawing of race relations, “If you do if for the least of my brethren…”;
70.         newspaper clipping from Quad-City Times concerning Marvin Mottet, May 23, 2005, focused on his focus on social activism;
71.         cards with Jesus seen as black
72.         article in the Quad-City Times concerning Reverend Edward Catich’s paintings of Jesus as black, illustrations accompanied, discussion of Vatican’s unhappiness with the paintings, Dec. 21, 2003;
73.         “Chouteau Thoughts about Fr. Catich’s 1950 Theopora Icon Painting” article with Chouteau’s opinion Dec. 7, 2003;
Folder 5
74.         “Smokescreen on Civil Wrongs” article in Des Moines Register, March 11, 1964, accompanied with an advertisement from the Des Moines Register from March 9, 1964 showing government with too much control in America;
75.         “CIC Confident Fair Housing Plan Will Be Forthcoming” article in The Daily Times, Feb. 20, 1964, focuses on passing the fair housing plan in Iowa;
76.         “Present Housing Bill Ample: 2 Negroes Split on Views” article in The Daily Times, Apr. 30, 1964, differing opinions on the fair housing bill;
77.         “Interracial Day Tops Plans: ‘What Can We DO?’ 650 Visitors Ask” article in The Daily Times Apr. 20, 1964, home visits throughout Davenport initiated by the CIC to discuss race relations;
78.         “Civil Rights Demonstrations” article in The Des Moines Register, Apr. 18, 1964, demonstration in New York City at the beginning of the World’s Fair;
79.         “How Rights Bill Affects Iowa” article in The Des Moines Register, Fed. 24, 1964, discussion of the affects of the bill in specifically Iowa;
80.         “Cedar Rapids-Marion Group Backs Civil Rights Bill” article in ?. Dec. 29, 1963;
81.         “Civil Rights Showdown”, The Des Moines Register, Dec. 29, 1963, debate in Congress passing the Civil Rights bill;
82.         “Raise Rights Unit’s Power” article in Daily Times, Feb. 6, 1964, CIC calls for increased powers for Davenport Human Relations Commission;
83.         “Broaden Ban on Jobs Bias Help Women: Wranglers in House Slow Rights Bill”, House broadened ban on racial discrimination to include discrimination against women;
84.         “Fears Racial Bias Fight Perils Personal Liberty”, article in Des Moines Register, Feb. 9, 1964, fear that liberty is being lost due to push for equality;
85.         “Housing Bias Ban Adopted for Capital”. Jan 1, 1964, passing of the fair housing regulation;
86.         “A Civil Rights Victory”, article in The Des Moines Register, Feb, 12, 2964, passing of the civil rights bill by the house;
87.         “Here’s What House Rights Bill Provides”. Article in Davenport Daily Times, Feb. 11, 1964, lists the main provisions of the house civil rights bill;
88.         “CIC Prints Kennedy Memorial”, Feb. 7, 1964, press release about the CIC printing the Kennedy speech about racial justice;
89.         “Interracial Council Asks Fair Housing Ordinance”, article in The Catholic Messenger, Feb. 6, 1964, CIC sends requests to Davenport City Council requesting a change be made to the human relations ordinance;
90.         “Right to Vote Denied”, article in Des Moines Sunday Register, Feb. 2, 1964, lawsuit brought in GA against whites who were not allowing blacks to register and vote;
91.         “Let the Public Decide: If Des Moines’ ‘Forced Housing’ ordinance is approved, every property owner will lose a basic, fundamental right”, May 23, 1964, requesting the signing of petition to prevent laws from being passed to allow discrimination to end in real estate;
92.         “Pittsburgh to Favor Negro Teachers Over Whites”, Board of Education in Pittsburgh states that any of their teachers, be it black or white, can teach at any of their schools;
93.         “City Negro Homes in 3 Areas: CIC” and “Governor’s Group Joins Rights Drive”, article in Daily Times, Feb. 28, 1964, information concerning African American residence in Davenport and the locations of their homes;
94.         “Quad -City ‘Welcome’ is Sent to Negroes”, Mar. 1, 1964, churches write welcome letters to families that will be transferred to Arsenal Island, 40 of which are black families;
95.         “Full Hughes Backing for Rights Laws”, article in Des Moines Register, Apr. 12, 1964, governor’s office backs discrimination laws of minorities;
96.         “Avoid Rights Panic, Miller Tells Senate”, article in Quad-City Times, Apr. 10, 1964, senator says that bill should be passed but not by compromising purpose;
97.         “Hatfield to GOP: Back Rights Bill”, article in Daily Times, Apr. 10, 1964, republicans should back civil rights bill;
98.         “Wisconsin Stirs Varied Comment”, article in Daily Times, Apr. 10, 1964, results of Wisconsin primary surprising to many in regards to presidential choice;
99.         “3-Way Battle on Rights Bill”, article in Des Moines Register, May 11, 1964, arguments that are occurring in the Senate;
100.      “Seattle Rejects “Open Housing”, vote against an ordinance to ban racial discrimination in the sale or rental of homes;
101.      “FHA Suspends Builder on Bias”, Jan. 1, 1964, builder suspended because of refusal to sell house to black;
102.      “Critical of White Hypocrisy”, statement about blacks having the same choices as that of whites, “She Disputes Wilson View, Tells of Housing Laws”, letter to the editor expressing belief that fair housing bill would not hurt real estate industry;
103.      “A Wallace Repeat in Indiana, Maryland?”, article in Des Moines Register, Apr. 12, 1964, projection of success in presidential election, “75% in Wisconsin ‘Stood Up for Civil Rights’ “, John Reynolds wins delegates in Wisconsin;
104.      “Discrimination in Housing Called ‘Root of Problem’ “, CIC says housing discrimination is root of problems in schools;
105.      “A Dispute Over Rights”, article in Des Moines Register, Apr. 19. 1964, Davenport Real Estate board issues statement concerning rights of owners to dispose of property as they see fit;
106.      “Fair Housing Issue: CIC Says Realtors ‘Confused’ on Law”, confusion in Board of Realtors meaning in their fair housing laws;
107.      “Realtors Say Fair Housing Policy Near”, article in Daily Times, Mar. 10, 1964;
108.      “Rights Push”, Christian Social Concerns says they support CIC,
109.      “Civil Rights Leaders Protest Ad Campaign”, article in Daily Times, Mar. 10, 1964, CIC leaders speak out against anti- Civil Rights campaigns issued in newspapers across the US,
110.      “Leaders of 3 Faiths Push for Rights Bull, Apr. 29-30, 1964, different denominations travel to Washington D.C. to discuss racial justice;
111.      “Moral Vs. Property Rights”, argument that moral rights should go above property rights;
112.      “Church Asks Rights Group Power Boost”, discussion of fair housing ordinance;
113.      “Toney is SUI Rights Panelist”, on panel to discuss civil rights in Iowa City;
114.      “Griffin Tells Negro Plight”, discusses the plight of African Americans and the violence that will continue until something is done;
115.      “How He Views Rights Bill”, letter to editor against civil rights if they have to give up any of their own rights, “Irked By Sideline Coaching on Rights”, letter to editor by Tom Chouteau, “‘Big’ Government Bogeyman”, letter to editor to push for civil rights
116.      Article in Catholic Messenger, Feb. 13, 1964, push for more socio-economic freedom for those labeled lower-class;
117.      “Rake Council on Davenport Housing Bias”, May 7, 1964, Civil Rights leaders blame city council for failing to do anything about fair housing and human relations laws;
118.      “Clergymen to United for Human Rights”, May, 22, 1964, press release concerning a joint convocation abut social equality and human rights;
119.      “Defend Fair Housing Acts at Davenport”, May 12, 1964, charges that CIC are putting people against each other to gain support of fair housing laws;
120.      “Opposes Mayor’s Stand: Toney Quits Human Relations Commission”, May 8, resignation following councils inability to reform human relations law;
121.      “Mayor is Challenged: Make One Standard for Housing: Plea” May 28, 1964, meeting of different religious denominations concerning freedom of housing;
122.      “Fair Housing Voted In D.M.”, article in Des Moines Register, June 2, 1964, Des Moines City Council passed ordinance against racial discrimination;
123.      “Rights Appeal at Davenport”, announcement of clergymen joining for convocation in Davenport;
124.      “Mayor Sees CIC Losing Councilmen”, mayor states that CIC does not have any support in city council after meeting;
125.      “40 Picket Hall at Davenport”, civil rights groups pickets to encourage city council to support fair housing law;
126.      “Rights Groups Rap Council Stand: Next Step Uncertain in Housing Plea”, article in Daily Times, May 7, 1964, unsure of where housing issue will go following city council saying they will not support any changes;
127.      “Right March by 800 at S.C.I.”, May 12, 1964, 800 people marched to mail demands for civil rights bill;
128.      “Home Visits Lead to CIC Sunday Meet”, CIC calls for meeting to answer what can we do about racial justice;
129.      “S.U.I. Teachers Back Rights Bill”, 470 faculty members signed petitions calling for the passing of the civil rights bill;
130.      “Compromise Housing Plan”, Des Moines governor passed out copies of proposed compromise concerning housing discrimination issue;
131.      “Stinging Attacks: Council Silent at Housing Criticism”, May 7, 1964, council silent as they are attacked for not doing anything about fair housing law;
132.      “Ask for Law on Race Bias at Waterloo”, May 12, 1964, Waterloo approved to change the Fair Employment Practices Committee to Human Rights Commission;
133.      “Pray Daily for Rights Bill. Is Plea”, article in Daily Times, May 4, 1964, CIC encouraging residents to pray daily for the passing of Civil Rights Bill
134.      “No ‘Housing’ Law: Reaction Is Mixed”, people mixed about Davenport City Council not changing any aspects of Fair Housing bill or Human Relations;
135.      “Claim 95% Won’t Rent to Negroes”, July 12, 1964, study performed found major discrimination in real estate practices within 3 Iowa cites;
136.      Photograph of civil rights banquet, “The Catholic Messenger, Apr. 30, 1964, John Howard Griffin receiving award from CIC;
Folder 6
137.      Article in Quad-City Times, Apr. 26, 1992, celebrating Cecile Cooper’s 92nd birthday, member of CIC, NAACP, etc;
138.      “Jury Convicts Beckwith of ’63 Slaying”, Feb. 6, 1994, man convicted life in prison years after murder;
139.      “Plenty of Credit to Go Around for Civil Rights Gains in the 1960s”, Jan. 23, 2008, viewpoint by Leonard Pitts Jr.;
140.      “Ex-Klansmen Found Guilty in Killings”, article in Quad City Times, June 22, 2005, jury convicted Edgar Ray Killen of the murder of 3 civil rights workers;
141.      “Trying Times”, article in U.S. News and World Report, June 27, 2005, describes the information of Edgar Ray Killen case;
142.      “Saluting Davenport’s Pioneer Black Educators”, article in Quad-City Times, Oct. 25, 2008, recognition of African American teachers in Davenport schools;
143.      “Civil Rights Pioneer Rosa Parks Dies at 92”, article in Quad-City Times, Oct. 25, 2005, brief history and explanation of Parks;
144.      “Museum’s Simple Bus Becomes Shrine to Parks”, article in Quad-City Times, Oct. 26, 2005, Parks bus becomes a historic site in Detroit;
145.      comic on editorial page of Quad-City Times, Oct. 27, 2005, Rosa Parks being asked to come sit in the front with God;
146.      “Rosa Parks to Lie in State Inside Capitol”, Oct. 28, 2005, Parks becomes first women to be placed within the Capitol building following death;
147.      “Liberals Rewrite History of Civil Rights”, Nov. 11, 2005, opinion about conservatives involvement in civil rights;
148.      “Rosa Parks Showed Us the Power of One”, article in Quad-City Times, Oct. 29, 2005, viewpoint by Leonard Pitts;
149.      photograph of Rosa Parks, “The Only Tired I was, Was Tired of Giving In”, memoriam;
150.      obituary for William Garrett Sr;
151.      “PBS Studies Slavery’s Role in U.S. Economy”, article in Quad-City Times, brief summary of PBS special about the role of African Americans in the economy of the US;
152.      “King’s Dream Transcends Racial Barriers”, article in Quad-City Times, Jan. 16, 2006, viewpoint by Leonard Pitts;
153.      article on Barack Obama in Newsweek, Jan. 3, 2005, following election to the Senate;
154.      “First Black Woman In Congress”, Jan. 4, 2005, Shirley Chisholm first black woman in Congress;
155.      copy of Iowa Alumni Magazine, “Courting Freedom” issue, Oct. 2004;
156.      “Beating Another Barrier: Civil Rights Pioneer William Cribbs Learns to Walk on a New Leg”, article in Quad-City Times, Mar. 16, 2004;
157.      “Jennings Recalls King’s D.C. Speech”, article in Quad-City Times, Aug. 28, 2003, Jennings remembers specific events in Civil Rights era;
158.      “Professors: King’s Speech Among Best”, article in Quad-City Times, brief summary of the impact of King’s “I Have a Dream” speech;
159.      “Dream Again”, article in Quad-City Times, Aug. 23, 2003, full written version of “I Have a Dream” speech;
160.      “Quad-Cities Keep King’s Dream Alive”, article in Quad-City Times, Aug. 28, 2003, short vignettes from citizens about their hope for equality;
161.      “Two Men of Fear, and One of Hope”, article in Newsweek, July 7, 2003, brief biographies of Strom Thurmond, Lester Maddox, and Maynard Jackson;
162.      “Actions Led to Brown vs. Board of Education”, article in Quad-City Times, June 1, 2003, death of one of the plaintiffs in Brown v. Board of Ed.;
163.      “Near-death Experience Became a Life’s Mission”, article in Quad-City Times, Feb. 18, 2003, article about James Cameron, one of the 3 beaten and lynched in Indiana in the 1930s;
164.      “Georgia Waves Flag For the Right To Vote”, article in Quad-City Times, Jan. 19, 2003, article about a flag referendum in GA to bring back old flag;
165.      “Jim Hester Remembered as a Gentleman, Advocate of Public Education for Children”, article in The Leader, Nov. 15, 2002;
166.      “Healing Racial Wounds Demands More”, Jan. 7, 2003, viewpoint of Leonard Pitts Jr.;
167.      “Unwise and Untimely”, a pamphlet containing a letter from 8 clergymen to MLK Jr. and his response, also contains “I Have a Dream” speech;
168.      “Dropping the ‘One-Drop” Rule”, article in Newsweek, March 25, 2002, opinion written about the downfalls of the one drop rule in regards to race;
169.      “Shades of Little Rock”, photograph in Quad-City Times, March 20, 2002, black girl being escorted by US Marshals with voucher in her hand;
170.      “Black History Must be Acknowledged”, article in Quad-City Times, Feb. 28, 2002, importance to acknowledge black history all year;
171.      “Condoleezza Rice receives NAACP Image Award”, Feb. 24, 2002;
172.      “Flyover History More Relevant Than you Think”, Feb. 26, 2002, viewpoint of Leonard Pitts Jr., need to acknowledge African American history other than slavery and civil rights;
173.      “Tuskegee Airmen on ‘ Leading Edge’ “, article in Quad-City Times, Feb. 26, 2002, opened doors for future black aviators;
174.      photograph of child in KKK uniform touching the shield of a black state trooper;
175.      “Hire More People of Color, Brooke Says” article in Quad-City Times, Nov. 28, 2001, new mayor wishes to represent everyone in Davenport;
176.      Letter to the Editor, article in Quad-City Times, Dec. 9, 2001, complaint about Bix 7 award given to only naturalized citizens;
177.      “Bishops elect new President”, article in Quad-City Times, Nov. 14, 2001, first black president of Roman Catholic bishops chosen;
178.      “Achievement Gap Must be Closed”, article in Quad-City Times, Oct. 5, 2001, need to improve gap between white and black students;
179.      “Debating the Wages of Slavery”, article in Newsweek, Aug. 27, 2001, debate as to whether or not pay blacks reparations for slavery;
180.      “Rosa Parks: She sat down and the world turned around”, article in U.S. News and World Report, Aug. 27, 2001, brief biography of Parks;
181.      “The Problem of the Color Line”, article in Newsweek, Mar. 13, 2000, problem of racism within the United States;
182.      “Jeb Bush in tears over criticism of black staffers, appointees”, article in Quad -City Times, Feb. 24, 2001, blacks ridiculed for being associated with Jeb Bush;
183.      “500 Years of Black History”, article in Quad-City Times, Feb. 17, 2001, lists significant events throughout black history;
184.      “People in the News”, article in The Catholic Messenger, Aug. 31, 2001, Rashey Moten involved in Catholic charities;
185.      “Black Activists Discuss Slave Reparations”, article in Quad-City Times, Feb. 24, 2001;
186.      “Elian’s Good Fortune is Having a Father”, article in Quad-City Times, importance of a fatherly relationship;
187.      “Black History is a Work in Progress”, article in Quad-City Times, Feb. 27, 2000, makes references to the CIC;
188.      “Moving Forward with Pride and Determination”, article in Quad-City Times, Feb. 20, 2000, importance of remembering blacks that have come before;
189.      “Recalling the Dawn of the Civil Rights Era”, article in Quad-City Times, Feb. 20, 2000, events prior to the civil rights era;
190.      Flyer for concert, “Live in Concert, John Jackson”, Feb. 19;
191.      “Black History is also American History”, article in Quad-City Times, Feb. 6, 2000 opinion Robert Copeland Smith;
192.      “Violence is Not a Substitute of Reason”, article in Quad-City Times, Jan. 3, 2000, opinion Robert Copeland Smith;
193.      “Discipline, candidness dominate Keyes’ attitude”, article in Quad-City Times, republican hopeful speaks about presidential campaign;
194.      “Who’s Responsible for the own actions”, article in Quad-City Times, Dec. 5, 1999, opinion Robert Copeland Smith;
195.      “Saving the Neighborhood: Father Mottet Practices what he Preachers”, article in Quad-City Times, Oct. 19, 1999, brief biography of Father Mottet;
196.      “Defeat of Black Nominee Lacks Sense”, article in Quad-City Times, Oct. 11, 1999, black judicial nominee not passed;
197.      “Civil Rights Set ’60s Pace”, article in Quad City Times, Sept. 12, 1999, articles from the past dealing with events, reprint of old articles;
198.      note card containing 1993 US population;
199.      note card containing 1990 population;
200.      note card with quote about black IQ’s in US;
201.      “U.S. Prison Population Tops 1 Million”, Oct. 28, 1994, prison population highest that it has ever been;
Folder 7
202.      “Paving the Way: Q-C Athletes Joined Robinson in Chipping Away at the Color Barrier”, article in Quad-City Times, Sept. 5, 1999, rise of African American athletes;
203.      “Columnist is Wrong about a Few Things”, article in Quad-City Times, Aug. 1, 1999, opinion Robert Copeland Smith, need to not see blacks as one cohesive group;
204.      “It’s incompetence; not discrimination”, article in Quad-City Times, Aug. 25, 1999, opinion Walter Williams, teachers to be tested for competence argue it is discrimination;
205.      “Black, White Jefferson Relatives Reunite”, article in Quad-City Times, May 16, 1999, descendents meet together;
206.      Pamphlet “Does Restitution for Black Farmers Equal Justice?” OXFAM American, Spring 1999;
207.      “Why aren’t we running to the ballot box?”, article in Quad-City Times, May 9, 1999, opinion Robert C. Smith, question of why Americans do not vote;
208.      “Kosovo: This is not your grandfather’s war”, article in Quad-City Times, Apr. 9, 1999, opinion Robert Copeland Smith, argument of blacks fighting in larger numbers for US military;
209.      “Persons, Places and Thing: Scott, Taney and the pope”, article in The Catholic Messenger, Feb. 4, 1999, explanation about the Dred Scott case, “Church in Sudan buys the freedom of hundreds”, article in The Catholic Messenger, Feb. 4, 1999, slave trade of children in Sudan;
210.      set of three articles all from a book published by Robert Copeland Smith,
a.            “Limited prospects for a black teen in Davenport”, article in Quad-City Times, Feb. 24, 1999, idea of sports being a vehicle for young blacks to go to college;
b.            “”The role models in ‘The Neighborhood’ “, article in Quad-City Times, Feb. 25, 1999, role models for young blacks growing up in Davenport in the 50s;
c.            “Education was the ticket to a better life”, article in Quad-City Times, Feb. 26, 1999, idea of using sports to go to college to pursue a career in other fields other than major league;
211.      “The responsibility for leadership is shared by all”, article in Quad-City Times, opinion Johnnie M. Colvin, Feb. 14, 1999, idea of people of all races being true leaders; 
212.      “No shortage of black leaders in the Q-C”, article in Quad-City Times, Jan. 27, 1999, opinion Johnny Ellis, rebuttal concerning an argument about lack of black leadership;
213.      “Honoring King by fulfilling his dream”, article in Quad-City Times, Jan. 18, 1999, opinion Dexter Scott King and Harris Wofford, need to be active on MLK Jr. day;
214.      “U.S. Achieves King’s Dream in Law First: Economic, social aspects are taking longer to fulfill”, article in Quad-City Times, Jan. 18, 1999, MLK Jr. dreams for equality are taking a while to fulfill besides those enacted in law, “In a Southern Town, Progress Comes Slowly”, article in Quad-City Times, Jan. 18, 1999, problems that still exist within some Southern locations between races;
215.      “A Will to do ‘right’ propelled Q-C- civil rights”, article in Quad-City Times, Jan. 17, 1999, desire to do what was right propelled many to support the civil rights movement in the Quad Cities;
216.      “My belief is that all of us are leaders”, article in Quad-City Times, Jan. 18, 1999, everyone can make a difference when it comes to change;
217.      “Black opportunity falls short in Q-C”, article in Quad-City Times, Jan. 18, 1999, blacks are not making as much as whites for the proportion of the community that they make up;
218.      Advertisement for article “A Dream Delayed” Quad-City Times, Jan. 15, 1999, lack of black leadership in community;
219.      “Black leadership void creates concerns about direction”, article in Quad-City Times, Jan. 17, 1999, idea that there is a lack of black leadership within the Quad-Cities;
220.      “Blacks came to Q-C for jobs, found discrimination”, article in Quad-City Times, Jan. 17, 1999, following Civil War blacks migrated to Q-C and found opportunities not so expansive;
221.      “A Walk Down the Runway-and Memories of a Classy Lady”, article in Quad-City Times, May 24, 1998, remembering Cecile Cooper of the Q-C;
222.      “Mississippi Reckoning: Prosecutors Ponder Reopening Another ’60s Murder”, article in Newsweek, May 4, 1998, reopening of a case for the murder of Vernon Dahmer;
223.      “NAACP Board votes for Chairman”, article in Quad-City Times, Feb. 22, 1998, Julian Bond made the chairman of NAACP;
224.      “We were led by the Children”, article in Quad-City Times, Mar. 22, 1998, article by journalist who covered civil rights movement in the south;
225.      “Black History Month”, article in The Leader, Feb. 18, 1998, brief biographies of 12 people involved in black history within the Q-C;
226.      anniversary announcement of Mr. And Mrs. Jethro Cribbs Jr., article in Quad-City Times, Mar. 15, 1998;
227.      “The Middle of the Journey: Taylor Branch’s grand Civil-rights history roll on”, article in Newsweek, Jan. 19, 1998, review of a biography of MLK Jr. called Pillar of Fire;
228.      ” ‘Amistad’ “, article in Quad-City Times, Jan. 11, 1998, brief summary of Amistad and interview with main character;
229.      “The Long Shadow of Slavery”, article in Newsweek, Dec. 8, 1997, the debate as to whether blacks should be given an apology for slavery, “Amistad’s Struggle”, article in Newsweek, Dec. 8, 1997, review of Amistad;
230.      “Gulf Between Races Widens: Poll Reveals Different Outlooks”, article in Quad-City Times, June 11, 1997, stats on race relations within the United States;
231.      “Estes will record album at church”, article in Quad-City Times, July 13, 1997, press release of Estes recording album at a Des Moines church;
232.      “Voices of the powerless must be heeded, too”, article in Quad-City Times, June 11, 1997, city failing to listen to taxpayers wants-thought to be based on race;
233.      “You think race doesn’t matter? Think again: Take a black-and-white look at our country-we’re a long way from sharing a ride on the rainbow”, article in Quad-City Times, Aug. 22, 1997, opinion Bill Maxwell, argument that racist white Republicans are to blame for any race issues within the United States;
234.      ”He won’t take a role that’s demeaning”, article in Parade Magazine, May 4, 1997, biography and ideas on race effecting character choices;
235.      Simon Estes concert ticket stub, Feb. 19. 1995;
236.      “Davenport gets a push for diversity”, article in Quad-City Times, Aug. 15, 1997, school district failing to implement program to increase performance of minority students;
237.      “Charles Toney and Si Roberts” article in The Leader , Feb. 19, 1997, thanks to Si and Charles for work that has been done;
238.      “A simple gesture we ought to do” article The Catholic Messenger, July 17, 1997, opinion piece on apologizing for slavery;
239.      “Opera singer joins fair tribute: Estes reprises talent search role”, article in Quad-City Times, Aug. 17, 1996, Estes role in a performance;
240.      “State bestows Iowa Award to favorite son Simon Estes”, article in Quad-City Times , award given to Estes;
241.      “Smother the fires of hatred”, June 9, 1996, statement about church fires fueled by racism in South;
242.      “The Realities of Black and White”, article in Newsweek, Apr. 29, 1996, centennial of Plessy v. Ferguseon;
243.      article concerning Mario Dixon, 9th grader who won oratorical contest
a.            “If I could see tomorrow”, article in Quad-City Times, June 11, 1992, speech about the future
b.            “Wisdom of youth”, article in Quad-City Times, June 14, 1992, concerning environment
c.            “A bright outlook: Mario Dixon’s inspiring speech wins top award”, article in Quad-City Times, June 9, 1992, snapshot of Mario Dixon
244.      “Who is Medgar Evers” article in Newsweek, Mar. 28, 1994, idea that ignorance comes from lack of racial education;
245.      “Challenges of the ’90s” article in Quad-City Times, Feb. 20, 1995, argument that racism is more subtle now;
246.      “Color-Coordinated ‘Truths’ “, article in Newsweek, Oct. 24, 1994, blacks internalizing idea of inferiority;
Subject Cross Reference
Business & Industry—Real Estate & Surveying (folder 2, 3, 5)
Churches & Religion—Catholic—Clergy & Congregations. (folder 2, 3, 4)
Churches & Religion—Catholic—Misc. (folder 2, 5)
Ethnic & Minority Groups—Black Americans
Music—Choruses & Singers (folder 6, 7)
Newspapers & Periodicals—Misc. (folder 1)
Organizations & Clubs—Chamber of Commerce (folder 2)
Organizations & Clubs—Misc. (folder 1, 2)
Politics (folder 2, 3)
Schools & Education—Misc. (folder 7)
Schools & Education—Teachers (folder 6)
Social Life and Customs—Clothing—1900-1999 (folder 1)
Social Protest—Misc.
Cities—Davenport—Municipal Government (folder 1)
National—Presidents—Kennedy (folder 2)

•            Catich, Father Edward (folder 4)
•            Chouteau, Mary Anne (folder 1)
•            Chouteau, Thomas
•            Cooper, Cecile (folder 6, 7)
•            Cribbs, William (folder 6)
•            Dirksen, Everett McKinley (folder 2)
•            Estes, Simon (folder 6, 7)
•            Griffin, John Howard (folder 5)
•            Hester, Jim (folder 6)
•            Hickenlooper, B. B.
•            King, Martin Luther, Jr. (folder 6)
•            McDaniels, Father George William (folder 1)
•            Mottet, Msgr. Marvin (folder 4, 6)
•            Miller, Jack (folder 2, 3)
•            Parks, Rosa (folder 6)
•            Pitts, Leonard (folder 6)
•            Roberts, Si (folder 7)
•            Schmidhauser, John R. (folder 3)
•            Smith, Robert Copeland (folder 6, 7)
•            Theall, David D. (folder 3)
•            Toney, Charles (folder 1, 5, 7)

Civil War, General Collection
Inclusive Dates: 1861-1965
Scope Notes: This collection contains various types of documents, including envelopes, letters, diary entries, newspaper articles, maps, pamphlets, and typed transcript copies of original documents dating from the Civil War years, to the centennial celebration by the Civil War Roundtable organization in the 1960’s.
Folder 1–Civil War, General – 11 items
1.           letter dated March 17, 1885: L.R. McCulloch inquiries about bounty due to him as a result of his service during the Civil War (document A)
on reverse side is office reply form (document B)
2.           letter dated August 4, 1886: from Washington D.C. Treasury Department turning down McCulloch’s claim for bounty
3.           pamphlet on Battle of Gettysburg with business ads
4.           pamphlet dated 1883: edition on Paul Philippoteaux’s Gettysburg Battle panorama painting
5.           illustration on line-ruled paper of Camp Benton, St. Louis
6.           sheet song titled, “Tenting on the Old Campground” (#1964-232)
7.           sheet song titled, “Just After the Battle” (#1964-232)
8.           sketch/drawing of a Civil War battlefield (#1964-14)
9.           duplicate receipts form (#1975-70)
10.         advertisement for James M. Curtis, Attorney, Washington, D. C.., to pursue Pension claims
11.         Blank volunteer enlistment form for state of Iowa
Folders 2A, 2B–Civil War, Davenport – 8 items
1.          transcript copies of newspaper articles with original articles dated January 6, 1862-December 13, 1862; 35 pages (first, older transcript copy, 30 pages)
2.          transcript copies of Civil War camps of Davenport, IA by Walter Blair
3.          transcript copies of Camp McClellan near Davenport, IA
4.          transcript copies of Indian murderers at Camp McClellan
5.          transcript copies of military camp in Davenport
6.          transcript copies of Camp McClellan
7.          transcript copies of Camp McClellan
8.          transcript copies of newspaper articles
Folder 3–Civil War Centennial – 17 items
1.           Civil War Centennial Commission bulletin dated January 20, 1959
2.           Civil War Centennial Commission bulletin dated July 21, 1958
3.           Civil War Centennial Commission bulletin dated March 17, 1959 with following attachments:     Battlefield Information
                                               Program Outline
                                               Business Reply Card
4.           Civil War Centennial Commission event invitation for Third National Assembly dated March 15, 1960
5.           Civil War Centennial Commission program outline; 3 pages
6.           Civil War Centennial Commission Joint Resolution of 85th Congress dated September 7, 1957
7.           History Roundtable event invitation dated November 11, 1960
8.           list of Civil War Centennial events dated July, 1960; 2 pages
9.           The American Ordinance Association membership application with the following attachments:    Business Reply Envelope
                                               Information Booklet
                                               Bonus Gift Offer
10.         advertisement pamphlet
11.         photos of collectible models of artillery
12.         The Clarke Historical Collection pamphlet ad for a history book on Mississippi River theatre of Civil War
13.         Hamblen pamphlet on different forms of Civil War exhibits
14.         Civil War encyclopedia advertisement
15.         newsletter titled “100 Years After” by Civil War Centennial Commission with issues dated May 1964-June 1965
16.         Civil War Centennial Commission pamphlet ad for 14 volume Impact Series dated 1964
17.         newsletter titled “100 Years After” by Civil War Centennial Commission with issues dated May 1958-December 1959
Folder 4–Civil War Centennial – 5 items
1.           newsletter titled “100 Years After” by Civil War Centennial Commission with issues dated January 1960-March 1964
2.           Civil War Centennial Commission program outline dated 1961
3.           photos of miniature representations of Civil War cannons
4.           photos of miniature representations of Civil War cannons
5.           pamphlet titled “He Hath Loosed the Fateful Lightning . . .”
Folder 5–Civil War, Diary of Layfayette Rogan – 1 item
1.           unbound diary of Confederate POW named Lafayette Rogan dated 1863-1865 in typed transcript copy format
Folder 6–Civil War, diary – 3 items
1.           diary with entries beginning in Civil War dated 1868-1890
2.           booklet publication titled “The Historical War Map”
3.           investigative photos from the Criminal Department of diary (item #1, Folder 6)
Folder 7–Civil War Roundtable – 19 items
1.           “The First Shot–The Story of Fort Sumter” dated April, 1961
2.           “Reporting the Civil War” by Elise K. Roba, dated December 5, 1962
3.           “The Civil War Roundtable” membership card dated June 1963
4.           Civil War Roundtable season outline of presentations
5.           Civil War Roundtable by-laws document
6.           list of Civil War Roundtables dated November 1, 1961
7.           various news articles
8.           a note/letter from Edna Mumma to Roy C. Roba dated 1963
9.           carbon copy of list of different material
10.         Civil War Roundtable letters to members
11.         Civil War Roundtable list of events
12.         Civil War Centennial Commission newsletter titled, “100 Years After” dated November 1960
13.         letter dated February 7, 1963: requesting block subscription; 3 pages
14.         Civil War Roundtable program pamphlet dated 1959-1960
15.         Civil War Roundtable letter dated September 17, 1960
16.         Civil War Centennial Commission booklet
17.         Civil War Roundtable newsletter dated October 1962
18.         booklet titled, “Illinois in the Civil War”
19.         letter dated August 21, 1960: from Gerard Patterson to Mr. La Croix
Folder 8–Civil War, General – 2 items
1.           typed transcript of ?? in black cover
2.           duplicate transcript of item #1, Folder 8 in black cover
Folder 9–Civil War Publications List – 1 item
1.           “List of Publications to the U.S. Civil War” dated February 28, 1961
Folder 10–Civil War Envelopes – 126 items (1962-162 Mrs. J. M. Harrison donor)
1.           123 envelopes with patriotic illustrations (C. E. Harrison Coll.)
2.           one unattached stamp
3.           one prayer booklet
4.           one blank sheet with letterhead
Folder 11—William Morrow (1994.7.2 a-e)
a.            “The Last Prayer” poem [found in Bible 1994.7.1]
b.            Certificate of service in the Civil War for William Morrow from State of Iowa Adjutant General’s Office dated December 1, 1934
c.            Certificate of service in the Civil War for William Morrow from State of Iowa Adjutant General’s Office dated September 17, 1938
d.            Handwritten note by Howard B. Morrow (William’s son) about Bible.
e.            Handwritten note “To Howard B. Morrow” [probably accompanied bible when sent to him]
Civil War and related oversized documents stored OC Cab 2-D9
— Army Bulletin No. 1, published at Carrolton, Carroll County, Kentucky, Oct. 31, 1862
— Muster Roll for Company C, 20th Iowa Regiment, Capt. M. S. Thomson, Dec. 31, 1864 to February 28, 1865 (#1967-78)
— List of Articles lost at Old river Lake Arkansas and Guntown, Miss. By Lt. L. F. Creitz, Acting Captain, 12th Iowa Vet. Vol., 35th Iowa US Army, 16th Army Corps., June 1864
— Blank Muster roll dated December 1864
— Muster Roll for Company G, 35th Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry, April 30, 1863 – June 30, 1863, Simon H. Dixon, Captain
— Fire Insurance Policy, dated 12/27/00, expires Jan. 6, 1904 for Wilton IA dwelling, part of L. F. Creitz Estate
Subject Headings
Holidays & Celebrations–Centennial–Misc. (Folder 3 & 4)
Military & War–Civil War–Battles
Military & War–Civil War–Camps
Military & War–Civil War–Misc.
Organizations & Clubs–Misc.

Creitz, L. F. (Oversized)
Dixon, Simon H. (Oversized)
McCulloch, L. R. (Folder 1)
Morrow, William (Folder 11)
Mumma, Edna (Folder 7)
Patterson, Gerard (Folder 7)
Roba, Elise K. (Folder 7)
Roba, Roy C. (Folder 7)
Rogan, Layfayette (Folder 5)
Thomson, M. S. (Oversized)

Collister/Fairall Collection 2002-49
Also includes accessions 2002-50, 2003-13, 2003-23
Inclusive dates: 1916-1952
Scope Notes: Collections consists of a series of donations related to the life and career of Clayton H. Collister. Collister worked as a driver and then supervisor for the Tri-City Railway Company a.k.a. Tri-City Lines. During his career he saw the change from trolleys to buses.
2002.49.1          Manual of Instruction for bus operators, Tri-City Lines, Oct. 1, 1946
2002.49.2          Route logbook with trains and route times, and conductors listed,
2002.49.3          Route logbook marked “Weekdays”
2002.50.10        Manual of Instruction for Bus Operators, Tri-City Lines, Oct. 1, 1946
2002.50.14        The ABC of the Electric Car by J. S Dean, Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co., Railway Department, 1924
Folder 1
2002.49.7a-c     State of Iowa Driver’s License General Examination questions, Series F, Nov. 1, 1935 (3 pages)
2002.49.8a-c     Letter “Special Bulletin” to Bus Operators: instructions for operations, from General Manager, R. J. Smith, November 2, 1936
2002.49.9          Map of the Tri-Cities published by the Tri-City Railway Co. Printed by Stacy Map Publishers, Rockford, IL
2002.49.11        Portrait negative of Clayton and Ruth (nee Parker) Collister, standing in front of their home at 1714 Iowa Street, Davenport
2002.49.12        Portrait negative of Clayton Collister, wearing Tri-City RY Co. hat, probably from ID badge
Folder 2
2002.50.7          Clayton Henry Collister’s Selective Service Registration Card, April 25, 1942
2002.50.8          Restricted Radiotelephone Operators Permit for Clayton H. Collister, dated April 16, 1952
2002.50.9          Tri-city Railway Company, Mileage for Cars and Motor Coaches, effective August 1, 1935
2002.50.11        Uniform Traffic Rules and Regulations of Davenport, Iowa, Rock Island, Ill. and Moline Ill., March 19, 1924
2002.50.12        Labor agreement between Iowa-Illinois Gas and Electric Company and Street Electric Railway and Motor Coach Employees Union, February 18, 1950
2002.50.13        Iowa Motor Vehicle Laws and Safety Regulations, March 12, 1934
Folder 3
2003.13.14        Mississippi Valley Fair Concession Ticket, August 16-22, 1931
2003.13.15        Clayton Collister’s Chauffeur’s License, 1936
2003.13.16        Paper name plate “C. H. Collister”
2003.13.17a-b  Letter from international union officer re: Collister becoming supervisor but retaining membership in local union, May 10, 1937
2003.13.18a-d  Gift card envelope and napkin, retirement
2003.13.19        Ruth Collister’s Certificate of Membership in union’s Women’s Auxiliary, January 1, 1939
2003.13.20        Clayton Collister’s Certificate of Membership in union, December 1, 1916
2003.13.21        Clayton’s union card, January 1942
2003.13.22        Motor Coach schedule, December 1, 1944
2003.13.23        Map of Bus Routes of the Tri-City Lines, Davenport and Bettendorf, n.d.
2003.13.24        Handwritten sheet re: number of coaches on schedule
2003.13.25        Tri-Cities Map, 1930
2003.13.28        Davenport City map, 1940-41
2003.13.29        Booklet “Davenport of To-day” c. 1920
2003.13.30        Sheet Music “Station W-O-C of Davenport, Iowa (Where the West Begins)” by Nat Ozmon, 1923
Folder 4 2003-23
2003.23.1          U. R. C. Annual Dinner Meeting, April 3, 1941
2003.23.2          Dinner meeting in basement of Masonic Temple, n.d.
2003.23.3          Tri-City buses lined up, [c. 1940s]
2003.23.4          Tri-City Line buses lined up with supervisors, [c. 1940s]
rolled photo
2003.23.5          33rd Annual Convention of the Iowa State Federation of Labor, Dubuque, Iowa, June 10, 1925 
Subject Cross-reference
Business & Industry—Employees
Business & Industry—Public Utilities
Entertainment & Amusement—Fairs—Mississippi Valley
Military & War—World War II—Misc.
Organizations & Clubs—Labor.
Social Life & Customs—Old Age & Retirement
Transportation—Trolleys, Inter-urbans & Horsecars
 Collister, Clayton Henry
 Collister, Ruth (nee Parker)
Cookbook Archival Box Inventory
1992.61.1          Some of my Favorite Good Things to Eat by Martha Lee Anderson. New York, NY: Church & Dwight, Co., Inc., 1940. Promotional piece from Arm & Hammer and Cow Brand Baking Soda.
1992.61.2          The Velvet Blend Book: Milk-rich Carnation Recipes. Los Angeles, CA: Carnation Company, n.d. [early 1940s]
1992.61.3          100 Prize-winning recipes. Minneapolis, MN: Pillsbury Mills, Inc., 1953.
1992.61.4          Your Frigidaire Recipes. Dayton, Ohio: General Motors Sales Corp., 1938-1940. Purpose – to explain how to enjoy fully the many advantages and convenience of Frigidaire.
1992.61.5          Knox Gelatine: Desserts, Salads, Candies and Frozen Dishes. Johnstown, NY: Charles B. Knox Gelatine, Co., 1936. “It contains not only the latest recipes for plain and fancy desserts and salads and also mechanical refrigerator.”
1992.61.6          [Black Hawk Hiking Club cookbook]. Printed by R. D. [Robert] Stones at the Davenport Vocational Center, [1980s] “Dedicated to the memory of John Hauberg. In gratitude of making us aware of the Great Outdoors.” Recipes used by club on campouts.
1992.61.7          Fish and Seafood Cookery. Kansas City, MO: Mid-Central Fish Co., n.d. [1940s]
1992.61.8          Prize winning recipes Chicago, IL: Duram Wheat Institute, 1960. Recipes using American Beauty Macaroni Products.
1992.61.9          Staley’s Approved Recipes. A. E. Staley Manufacturing Co., n.d. [c. 1940]. Booklet distributed by Plath’s Grocery, 314 West 3rd Street, Davenport.
1992.61.10        Quad-City Times Country Cookbook. Davenport, IA: Quad-City Times, 1983. Introduction by Forrest Kitmer, editor. Recipes selected from entries in 4th annual Quad-city Times Cookoff.
1992.61.11        Favorite recipes from the kitchen of Inter-City Unit. Rock Island, IL: Rock Island County Homemakers Extension Assoc., 1971. Contributors listed.
1992.61.12        Beef Up America: Favorite Recipes of Scott County Cowbelles and Scott County Cattlemen’s Wives. Scott County, IA: Scott County Cowbelles and Scott County Cattlemen’s Wives, 1979. Includes recipes from 1979 District Beef Cook-off Contest.
1992.61.13        Soul-Food for Thought by Aldeen Davis. Muscatine, IA: PIP Copy Center, 1984. Personal essays on various aspects of African-American history, life, etc. (includes some local), as author viewed or experienced it. A recipe is incorporated into each essay.
1998.37.1          Berry Crocker’s New Good and Easy Cookbook. New York, NY: Golden Press, 1962. First edition.
2000.3.5             Beaux Arts Cookbook, n.d. Very colorfully illustrated includes contributors’ names including Shirley Davis and Isabel Bloom.
2000.3.6             Best of the Crest. Collierville, TN: Fundcraft Publishing, Inc., 1988. Collected by Crest Health Center.
Subject Headings
Business & Industry–Grocery
Ethnic Groups & Minorities–Black Americans
Houses & Households–Domestic Chores
Newspapers–Quad City Times
Organizations and Clubs–Misc.
•            Bloom, Isabell
•            Davis, Aldeen
•            Davis, Shirley
CRI & P RR Papers Collection (Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad)
Inclusive Dates: February 9, 1868 – November 17, 1874
Scope Notes: Two folders containing letters pertaining to the business of Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Company in the 19th century.
Letter–  February 9, 1868 to A. Kimball, from C.T. Elliott, Benton Co. asking if specified parcel of land belongs to railroad and if it is for sale.
Letter–  February 25, 1868 to Ebenezer Cooke, from Roy Tuthill with enclosed abstract of land with railroad on it.
Letter–  October 3, 1868 to Ebenezer Cooke, from John C. Turk asking about specified parcel of land for possible sale.
Letter–  October 9, 1868 to Ebenezer Cooke, from Samuel E. Rankin sending copies of receipts fro money for land in Harrison Co.
Letter–  October 6, 1870 to Ebenezer Cooke, from J.B. West asking price of a certain parcel of land and terms of purchase.
Letter–  October 22, 1870 to Ebenezer Cooke, from Levi Bishop asking to purchase land near Indian grave and asking lenient terms.
Letter–  November 9, 1870 to Ebenezer Cooke, from R.S. Smith and Ann Arbor has money as part of agreement for Isaac B. De Forest.
Letter–  November 20, 1870 to Ebenezer Cooke, from C.H. Hill asking about land for sale and soldiers’ considerations.
Letter–  November 22, 1870 to Ebenezer Cooke, from F.G. Clarke sending receipt and about the office being moved and will fulfill the receipt soon.
Letter–  November 25, 1870 to Ebenezer Cooke, from Isaac Richards discussing purchase of land by two other people.
Letter–  December 2, 1870 to Ebenezer Cooke, from Fitch and Gardner asking to accommodate a purchaser for a specified parcel of land.
Letter–  December 6, 1870 to Ebenezer Cooke, from Fitch and Gardner sending papers and money for specified parcel of land.
Letter–  December 28, 1870 to Ebenezer Cooke, from M. White and Harlan telling of a bad season and bad land; can’t pay now and asks for time and consideration.
Letter–  August 14, 1871 to D.B. Shelley, from A.T. Fields about desire to build warehouse in LeClaire if encouragement comes.
Letter–  August 17, 1871 to Ebenezer Cooke, from R. McFarland about the original town plot and asks if inspection is needed.
Letter–  May 3, 1872 to Ebenezer Cooke, from John G. Pitts inquiring about specified parcel of land in Harrison County and wants to know finance setup.
Letter–  May 30, 1872 to Mr. J.L. Drew, from John Phillips inquiring about price of specified parcel of land in Marshall County.
Letter–  August 5, 1872 to J.L. Drew, from Fitch & Bonnie asking for a new listing of lands for sale.
Letter–  August 7, 1872 to J.L. Drew from Fitch & Bonnie about having sold specified parcel of land and sending money.
Letter–  August 7, 1872 to J.L. Drew, from Fred Lavena sending payment on specified parce of land.
Letter–  August 10, 1872 to ??, from John Boustead asking for a few days extension on due note.
Letter–  August 29, 1872 to J.L. Drew, from J.D. Edmundson sending money as down payment on specified parcel of land.
Letter–  August 1872 to J.L. Drew, from S.J. Franklin about overdue payment and asking where to send it.
Letter–  September 11, 1873 to J.L. Drew, from G.W. Thompson asking about land available in specified section and its price.
Letter–  March 6, 1873 to J.L. Drew, from ?? & Murphy telling of trespassing on specified land and of cutting trees. If it’s railroad land, they will prosecute for them, if not, for the squatter.
Letter–  September 27, 1873 to J.L. Drew, from J.N. De Selva wanting papers as to title of land for pending suit.
Letter–  September 28, 1873 to J.L. Drew, from William Farrell about inability to pay with wheat at only 70 cents a bushel and asks for extension.
Letter–  July 10, 1874 to J.L. Drew, from G.D. Hendericks about client asking for new contract.
Letter–  August 14, 1874 to J.L. Drew, from H.F. Andrew asking amount due for a client.
Letter–  August 26, 1874 to J.L. Drew, from E.R. Hinckley sending application and checks for land.
Letter–  November 17, 1874 to J.L. Drew, from J.A. Parkin sending payment on specified parcel of land.
Oversized documents stored OS Cab 2-D9
New York Office Journal, July 1854 till April 1855
Abstract General Ledger of the Mississippi and Missouri Railroad Company, June 1, 1861
Subject Heading Cross Reference
Business & Industry–Real Estate and Surveying
Documents & Letters
Railroads–CRI & P RR
Railroads—Mississippi & Missouri RR
–Cook, Ebenezer
–Drew, J. L.
–Kimball, A.
–Shelley, D. B.
Ruth A. Cuber 2004-009
Donor: Christina Kastell
Inclusive Dates: 1924 – 1935
Biography: Ruth was born on February 19, 1900 to Mary Lavinia Flanagan Scheetz Cuber and John Edward Cuber of Iowa City. Her father owned the barbershop in the St. James Hotel of Iowa City, but died when Ruth was five years old. The sisters and brother were close all their lives. When only 16, Ruth began to work as a nurse’s maid at the Children’s Hospital of the University of Iowa. It was here she developed a burning desire to become a nurse. She fulfilled her dream by graduating from the Moline Public Hospital School of Nursing in January of 1927. Nursing became her life. She worked first at the Moline Public Hospital and the Auburn Park Hospital near Chicago. She culminated her career at the St. James Hospital in Chicago Heights, retiring from active nursing in 1967. During her career, Ruth nursed countless patients back to health and was always greatly beloved by her patients. Ruth returned to her hometown Iowa City in 1972, and resided at 916 North Dodge Street. Ruth was a fifty-year member of Eastern Star and a member of the Amistad Circle. Ruth Adelaide Cuber passed away on September 7, 2002 after an extended illness.
Scope Notes: This collection includes materials from Ruth Cuber’s career as a nurse.
Folder 1
•            Notebook of Ruth’s finances, lectures, class notes and misc.
Folder 2
•            Notebook of class notes
     Folder 3
•            The Turrent, 1928, Moline Public Hospital Nursing School class book
     Folder 4
•            Moline Public Hospital Nursing School, Misc. class notes & papers, personal
Stationery & calling card
     Folder 5
•            Moline Public Hospital Nurse’s School, Exam papers, 1924-1926 
     Folder 6
•            Certificates: 1. Registered Nurse – State of Illinois, 2. Pediatrics – Children’s Memorial Hospital, Chicago, 3. Hospital Day Souvenir – Moline Public Hospital,   4. Scores from Registered Nurse Exam, 5. Illinois High School Graduate Equivalency Exam Results, 6. Nurse Registration Cards, 1930-1935, 7. Illinois State Nurses Assn. Card, 1932, 8. Rock Island Arsenal Pass, 1930-issued to medical personnel 
     Folder 7
•            Automobile Papers & Personal Papers: 1. Chicago Club papers & cards, 2. Illionis Wheel Tax License, 3. IL Auto Registration, 1930-1932, 4. Moline Traffic Ordinance, 1927, 5. IL Driving Rules, 1928, 6. Moline Public Library Card, 1933, 7. Paradise Theater Card, Moline

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