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Summer Camps 2014

Spend the summer discovering, inventing and engaging in amazing experiences at the Putnam Museum! Our summer camp programs are available for youth entering grades K – 8. Before and after care (pre-registration required) as well as scholarship opportunities are available.

Fee: $160 (members $150)

Harry Potter, Grades 2 - 5
June 9-13, 9am - 4pm
Accept your invitation to the Midwest’s premiere wizarding prep school. Take classes including Potions, Charms, Quidditch and more as you
discover the science secrets behind the magic!


Rube Goldberg Design Academy, Grades 4 - 8 - SOLD OUT
June 23-27, 9am - 4pm
Can you use a golf ball to open a bottle or a string to swing a bat? Discover the power of tinkering to really make things happen and create a functional Rube Goldberg machine.

CS Eye-Spy, Grades 3 - 5
June 16-20, 9am - 4pm
Brush up on your powers of observation as we explore how Crime Scene Investigators crack the case. This week will be filled with mysteries to solve that are sure to keep young detectives on their toes!

Don’t Try This at Home!, Grades 4 - 8
July 7-11, 9am - 4pm
Explosions, experiments and excitement! Come to this camp for science that leaves a mark – we’ll try all those things you could never do at home and end our week with a BANG!

Putnamology, Grades 3 - 5
August 4-8, 9am - 4pm
It’s STEM camp the Putnam way! Spend your week with hands-on, exciting science, technology, engineering and math events and activities. Science+Fun = Putnamology!


Fee: $85/$76.50 Members


Rube Goldberg Design Academy Jr.- SOLD OUT

July 14-18, 9am - noon

Use simple machines and tinker your way towards fun and funny machines. This cause-effect camp will be full of hands-on discoveries!


Be Sense-ible!

July 14-18, 1pm - 4pm

What can you learn from your 5 senses? Join us for this mystery-solving week where touch, sight, sound, taste and smell crack the code. It’ll be sense-sational!


Bug Bonanza! - LIMITED SPACE

July 28-August 1, 9am - noon
Explore your A, BEE, Cs in this week dedicated to learning about our insect friends. Discover millions of butterflies on the giant screen, race a real Madagascar cockroach and spin a web any spider would be envious of. It’ll be a bug’s life at the Putnam!


Astronaut Training Camp- SOLD OUT

July 28 – August 1, 1pm - 4pm

Learn what it takes to make it to space! Challenge your body and your mind with hands-on NASA-style training made perfect for our youngest campers. We’ll have a blast during this camp!



Fee: $35/ $31.50 members


Xpress Urself I, Grades 4-6
June 30, 9am - 4pm

Use the Putnam’s NEW FabLab to tell the story of YOU! Create, explore and connect using technologies like 3D printing and robotics!


Xpress Urself II, Grades 7-8

July 1, 9am - 4pm

Use the Putnam’s NEW FabLab to tell the story of YOU! Create, explore and connect using technologies like 3D printing and robotics!


No Boys Allowed! (Science for Girls), Grades 4-8

July 2, 9am - 4pm

Grab your best girlfriends and leave the boys behind as we spend the day experiencing science our own way. Dive in, discover and discuss your way through all things science!


Engineering Kids Camp
Fee: $40 - Choose one of the following days:
July 21 or 22 for Grades 4 – 6
- July 21 SOLD OUT
July 23 for Grades 2-3
July 24 for GIRLS ONLY grades 4 – 8
July 25 for Grades 7-8

Back by popular demand – Don’t miss this opportunity to create and learn side by side Iowa State college students and Professional Engineers. Explore robotics, test your engineering problem-solving and even take in a giant screen film. Lunch and t-shirt included in this special camp! Sponsored in-part by: Iowa State University College of Engineering and Quad City Engineering and Science Council.


For more information call 563-324-1054, ext. 266.

1717 W. 12th St.
Davenport, IA