FunBundle Friday

October 02, 2020

ONE DAY ONLY: Enjoy 25%-off your purchase of a FunBundle — giving your family membership to the Putnam, Niabi Zoo and Quad City Botanical Center. You can also visit the Putnam, Niabi Zoo, or Quad City Botanical Center on Oct. 2 to enter for a chance to win a FREE FunBundle! LEARN MORE

Virtual Mad Scientist Ball

October 17, 2020

Join us for an electrifying night to raise awareness and funds for the Putnam Museum and Science Center! This virtual event includes an interactive science experiment, instruction from a mixologist on crafting a delicious signature cocktail, as well as a Q&A session from MIT Aerospace Engineer, and Emmy-Nominated TV host, Emily Calandrelli!

Explorers: Rivers and Oceans

November 07, 2020

Explore the wonderful world of water! From rivers to oceans and the creatures that live there, Explorers will investigate the water cycle and why every drop of water counts. | Grades 1-4 LEARN MORE

Explorers: Fizz, Bubble, Goo

December 05, 2020

Investigate the science of chemistry and experiment with chemical reactions! Explorers will safely explore the world of a scientist while conducting and observing reactions that fizz, bubble, and goo! LEARN MORE
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