Program Offerings

Who doesn’t want to get a look “behind the scenes?” With over 170,000 items in our collection, we don’t have room to display it all! These programs have been developed by our educators and curators specifically for visitors to learn more about how and why museums collect artifacts and care for them. 

To find out more information please contact Education Services Coordinator Bridget Boyd-Carlson at 563-336-7308 or email

Additional Information for Educators

Ancient Egypt: Isis Neferit
Coral Reefs & Beyond
African Adaptation Safari
Art Station: Titan
Caring for Your Treasures
Gifts from the Seas
Earth Warriors
Fun With Flight
Strange Objects: Celebrating Wonderfully Weird Objects from the Putnam Collections
Coral Reefs & Beyond
The Davenport Tablet Conspiracy
Germs... Friend or Foe?
Every Drop Counts
Innovations of Engineering
Scans Unwrap & Look Inside Our Mummies
Prehistory of the Quad Cities
Innovations of Engineering
Our Changing Planet
Stitches Through Time – History of Quilting
Insects: What’s the Buzz?
Our Region & the Civil War
Progress on the Prairie
Kitchen Chemistry
The Deadly Museum: From Poisoned Arrows to Hot Rocks
Making Sense of Our 5 Senses
Science Alive!
Women’s Roles in Society: Fashion & History
Famous Fort Armstrong
Stranger in a Strange Land
Riveting Robots
The Case of the Talking Skulls
Weather Rocks!
To the Moon and Beyond
Weather Rocks!
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